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Biggest Threats: Carolina Panthers

Here we are again in the second installment of the series. Last time we added the as an obvious threat. Next, in week three the Cowboys will be home against the . Though the buzz hasn't been surrounding Carolina, they are still a dangerous team.

Key Additions:


Key Offseason Subtractions:

FB Nick Goings

WR DJ Hackett

CB Ken Lucas

Key Draft Picks:

DE Everette Brown, Florida State: Brown is a speedy guy with great size, he should compliment Peppers nicely.

S/CB Sherrod Martin, Troy: Martin is a speedy guy with great range and versatility. Won't start but should be in on nickel packages.

Projected Top Performers

(courtesy 2009 Projections)

267 car 1325 yards 11 Td

90 rec 1390 yards 9 TD

Jonathan Stewart 196 car 936 yards 9 TD

The Panthers game presents itself to me as a potential upset. Most people will expect the Cowboys to win this game at home. However, Carolina is a playoff caliber team, though not much happened in the offseason…Not much happened in the offseason. Meaning not much has changed. They still have the sometimes dangerous Jake Delhomme, the blazing core staring DeAngelo Williams, and the ever so speedy Steve Smith, who, in his last game against the Cowboys beat them for 9 rec and 147 yards. If that's not enough to get you thinking, their is relentless and a bit of a new look. is capable of dominating and their will reach Romo more then we would like.

On the other side, Dallas has a league best . Meaning simply that Ware, James, Spencer, and Ratliff will find the slow inconsistent Delhomme enough to rattle his cage. The potent pass rush will cause bad throws, turnovers, and a one dimension , which the Cowboys should be able to stop. Nevertheless, Steve Smith is a burner and DeAngelo Williams can make this game look like the Baltimore game did last year. Now don't get me wrong I don't think the Cowboys will lose this game, but I think they could if they aren't prepared!

Matchup of the Game:

Vs Jake Delhomme

Terrence Newman Vs. Steve Smith

VS DeAngelo Williams

What IF sports prediction:

(10 simulated games)

Avg Score: DAL 26 CAR 18

DAL Win PCT: 80%

My Season Prediction

The Cowboys should win this game as long as they stick to their gameplan and keep their heads straight

CAR 14 – DAL 24

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
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