Biggest Threats: Philadelphia Eagles

So before I continue this clearly controversial series, I want to address the negative comments placed by Falcons Fans. My articles are often reviewed by fans of the teams I’m writing on, to bring readers the best quality I can put together. This is true for the Falcons article.

Also, before I even begin and someone gets there own opinions of me and my “lack of knowledge of the organization” let it be known that I grew up in Philadelphia, I love the Phillies, the Sixers, and the Flyers but for some reason I absolutely despise the Eagles. I’ve enjoyed the great legend that is Geno’s, and have fond memories at both the Vet and Spectrum. So without further ado, let me continue to analyze what is fast becoming one of the best rivalries in American sports.

The Eagles present to me the biggest threat that the Cowboys will face this season at all. They are tough, fast, and they execute. So here’s the :

Key Additions:

FB Leonard Weaver

O-Line Stacy Andrews

S Sean Jones

S Rashad Baker

Key Offseason Subtractions:

D-Coordinator- Jim Johnson

S Brian Dawkins

O-Line Jon Runyan

TE L.J. Smith

RB Correll Buckhalter

Key Draft Picks:

WR , MISS- This young man is the future of the organization. A muscular, explosive young receiver, who can run routes effectively and always seems to produce. Should sure up the last remaining questions about Philly’s WR core.

RB LeSean McCoy, PITT- A good kid, who should get some good snap numbers beside Westbrook. With McCoy in the line up, the is more versatile, you get a good runner with quick steps and receiving ability.

Projected Top Performers

(courtesy 2009 Projections)

- 200 rush 810 yds 7 TD—56 Rec 453 yds 4 TD

- 320/539 comp 3749 yds 22 TD 11 INT

- 74 rec 1100 yds 4 TD


This game brings back painful memories of the last game of last season and you can expect to see much of the same. The looks more explosive though L.J. Smith is gone Brent Celek has shown flashes of being a capable replacement. The addition of Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy add some more weapons, and McNabb is ready to take the this team to battle for one last shot. The is equally explosive, the problem here lies with two subtractions: Brian Dawkins and Jim Johnson. The emotional leader and defensive mastermind have left from this team, and if others can’t pick up the slack, the hype surrounding the birds will stop come week 3.

On the Cowboys side, they bring an element they haven’t had in a while: Low expectations. This means the Cowboys will be fully prepared and willing to do anything to silence the critics. If the for Philly isn’t producing in the absence of Dawkins, Sheppard, and Johnson, Romo will be handed the opportunity to be the Gunslinger he’s shown flashes of becoming. Oppositely, the defense will be coming in a new scheme with new blitzes that McNabb won’t exactly be familiar with. If the Cowboys can keep the Birds guessing, they’ll become victorious.

**May I take the this time to offer my proper respect to Eagles fans for the passing away of Jim Johnson. My prayers are with JJ’s Family, Friends, and Fans.**

Matchup of the Game:

Cowboys Linebackers VS Eagles backfield

Cowboys Receivers VS Eagles DB’s

What IF sports prediction:

(10 simulated games)

Avg Score: DAL 19 PHI 26

DAL Win PCT: 50%

My Season Prediction

There are too many variables controlling the game. Is the hype worth believing? Or Will the Boys claim what everyone thought they would get last season? Is McDermott ready? Can our Receivers Contribute?

Anyway, I’m going to predict a split because of the X factor that is the Inaugural season of

@ PHI- 27 PHI 13 DAL

@ DAL- 17 DAL 14 PHI

Next Series Installment: (Yes you did read that correctly)

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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