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Bill was Too tough & Wade is Soft!



Cowboys Blog - Bill was Too tough & Wade is Soft!

To put it mildly, this team is not very good! Three straight games with average effort, no offensive intensity, and the worst special teams unit in the game! This team continues to carry its “Awe shucks” mentality into every game, and if not for a couple of plays loses the last three! My patience is growing very thin with this coaching staff, and players. There is only one thing worse than losing, and that is losing and acting like you do not give a shit! The laid back persona that Wade Phillips has obviously passed on to the rest of this team (minus a handful of players T.O. D-Ware) is f**king sickening!

The defense played their hearts out Sunday, Arizona has an explosive offense and they manned up and held them to 17 points. I would assume that if you asked anyone at Valley Ranch last week what they thought their chances would have been against the Cardinals if the defense only gave up 17 points. I bet they would have been extremely excited about their chances. Now do not get me wrong they did not play a perfect game, the poor tackling problem is still there, but they played with a fire and I will take that every game. Brian Stewart allowed the defensive backs to man up for a large portion of the game and this helped. We need more of this style of tempo, guys flying around they did a real good job with this in the first half but seemed to back off a little in the second half. Why? I wish I could explain this but I have no answers. There are two areas that are costing this team to become an average football team; SPECIAL TEAMS and this BULLSHIT OFFENSE we continue to run week in and week out! Now I understand that our wide receiver core is not the strongest in the league, but COME ON! Either they are just awful or the routes Princeton boy has them running are the most slow developing routes ever! What happened to attacking the middle of the field? Every week I hear every announcer on every sports channel talk about how there is no one better running after the catch than T.O. So why is it that we continue to have him run 20 yard routes, with a double move involved? Oh by the way the token reverse to T.O. needs to be put up for a while. I think it's pretty obvious by now that T.O. is going to be played with a bump at the line and a safety up top, so how do you beat that? Well for starters you can start by moving him around. Line him up in the slot, have him moving in motion, Hell take a play from the Longhorns and line him up at tight end ( Jordan Shipley) Why is this offense reacting to what the other team is doing? Why are they not forcing the other team to react to what the Boys are doing?

I will go ahead and get this started as well, FIRE BRUCE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This special teams unit is AWFUL! I have seen better special teams play at the Junior High level, they are completely unorganized, have no idea of where they should be, and cannot tackle. In case any of you did not know this BOBBY CARPENTER f**KING SUCKS! And should be cut immediately! I do not care who you hire but Bruce Read must go! The special team's coordinator position is obviously way over his head.

Now knowing we are without Tony “I hold on to the ball too long” Romo for 4 weeks, they better get a handle on these issues or we are in for a LONG, LONG year! However sounds like somebody (wade Phillips) got their ass chewed out today for being so “awe shucks” after a loss!

Dallas Cowboys

REPORT: Cowboys DL David Irving’s Accuser Retracts Claims Of Domestic Violence

Kevin Brady



David Irving

After what was a rather crazy day which resulted in reports the Frisco Police Department were investigating Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving for domestic violence, the accuser has now retracted her claims.

This retraction comes after the mentioned reports of domestic violence claims against David Irving earlier in the day. Irving was neither arrested nor charged for the incidents, though two separate allegations were made.

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms allegations made against Cowboys player David Irving were reported on April 22nd. At two separate times: 5pm & 10pm. Allegations made by girlfriend @wfaa

Irving has claimed through his own social media account that his accuser is an ex-girlfriend looking for retaliation over a breakup. Irving has already said he has changed the locks on his house in attempt to change behavior moving forward.

Whether or not Irving abused his reported ex-girlfriend is not for me to say, but it will be interesting to see how Roger Goodell handles the matter after she retracted her claims later in the day. As we know very well, the NFL can claim violation of the personal conduct policy even if the justice system pursues no charges.

And the results of both the Frisco PD's investigation and that of the league office will be intriguing over the coming weeks and months.

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Player News

REPORT: Cowboys DE/DT David Irving Suspected of Domestic Violence

Jess Haynie



David Irving

[4/24/18 UPDATE: Irving's accuser has since recanted with police. However, the NFL could still investigate under their domestic violence policy.]


Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving is under investigation by Frisco, TX police for charges of domestic violence, according to a report by Jobin Panicker of WFAA-ABC in Dallas.

The following was tweeted from Panicker's account not long ago:

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms it is investigating serious allegations against Cowboys player David Irving. No arrests. Assault-Bodily Injury, Unlawful Restraint, & Assault-Impeding Breath and Circulation @wfaa

Jobin Panicker on Twitter

BREAKING @FriscoPD confirms allegations made against Cowboys player David Irving were reported on April 22nd. At two separate times: 5pm & 10pm. Allegations made by girlfriend @wfaa

The veracity of the accusations are certainly not ours to judge, but other recent events on Irving's social suggest he is in the middle of a breakup with his girlfriend. Posts early this morning on his Twitter account appeared to be from an unauthorized user, and David later posted on both Twitter and Instagram that someone had hacked him.

Furthermore, Irving shared that he was already taking steps due to the volatile situation.

David Ja Rodd Irving on Twitter

@DCBlueStar Changed the locks yesterday

While personal lives should stay that way, Cowboys fans are understandably concerned after what happened last year with Ezekiel Elliott. As we saw then, Roger Goodell's "justice" system allows for just an accusation to lead to a suspension. There is no burden of proof on the accuser.

And as in that case, even if the police dismiss the allegation, the NFL can still pursue the matter under the personal conduct and domestic violence policies.

It would be nice to just say "let the process play out," but the NFL commissioner doesn't hold himself to that standard. Therefore, we have to report this as it could mean consequences for David Irving and the Dallas Cowboys no matter how legitimate the claims are.

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Player News

Jaylon Smith Practicing Without AFO Brace

John Williams



Jaylon Smith Voted Cowboys' Ed Block Courage Award Winner 1

A lot of the talk circling the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL Draft is the need for the Cowboys to draft a linebacker as insurance to Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith's injury issues.

One of the questions, Sean Lee, will always be a question. When he's on the field, he's as good a linebacker as there is in the NFL. In 2016, he finally got in a near full season and rewarded the Dallas Cowboys with an All-Pro season that led the team to the playoffs. Talent has never been the issue with Lee. Keeping him on the field has been.

Jaylon Smith's question isn't his health as much as it is his recovery. The surgery to repair his ACL and MCL that he suffered at the end of his final season at Notre Dame was considered a success. There was a caveat, however, that there was no telling how much functionality would return because of the massive nerve injury that occurred.

Last year, Jaylon Smith actually played football games. No small step. In some games he made some plays and in other games, it was clear that he was still struggling with changing directions and running with receivers and running backs in coverage.

Time is Jaylon's biggest ally and another offseason removed from his injury should only help him get stronger and more confident in his recovering knee.

Lost in all of the Dez Bryant hoopla was a beautiful little nugget that Jaylon Smith teased Cowboys Nation with last week.

Jaylon provided a great look at his training regimen on the first day of team workouts and if you look closely, you'll see with a Clear Eye View that Jaylon Smith isn't wearing a brace, tape, or any other kind of support. On his knee or foot.

Jaylon Smith on Twitter

Focused vision, Determined belief, Earned dreams. #ClearEyeView

Remember that even after Jaylon was playing and practicing without a knee brace, he was still requiring an AFO brace to help with his foot drop.

Oh, how much one offseason can change things.

Mike Fisher, now of, quoted Smith as saying, "I have more power and more flexibility now. And the dropfoot (issue) is fading. Absolutely!'' over on, and there was this:

"As our colleague Bryan Broaddus has previously noted, it does seem that some of the testing is behind him, that the nerve is regenerating, that the repaired knee is stronger than ever and that more improvement is ahead of him. Smith's 6-2, 245-pound body is about as sculpted as is imaginable. His mind is sculpted, too, the result of his faith and his intellect and his personality and more. He suggests now that more improvement is inevitable, and that includes the medical improvement that is now, to him, simply "a matter of timing.'''

Mike Fisher - 105.3 The Fan and

There is still a lot of hope around The Star and Cowboys Nation that Jaylon Smith can return to the All-American form that was projecting him as a top-five talent in the 2016 NFL Draft. If he's healthy and moving with better lateral movement and agility than he was in 2017, that's a huge step forward for Jaylon Smith and the Dallas Cowboys.

The progression of his knee and his confidence in said knee is going to be a huge determining factor in Dallas' plans to draft a linebacker. If they feel confident that he will be a more functional linebacker in 2018 than he was in 2017, then perhaps they could wait until day two or three to address the linebacker position.

We can't fully know their intentions as we get closer to draft day. How they address the linebacker position in the 2018 NFL Draft could give us an excellent indication of how they feel about Jaylon Smith's progression.

What we do know is that Jaylon Smith will never give up working toward being an elite middle linebacker. Let's hope he can realize his dreams. Everyone will be better for it.

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