Blogging Nation – June 27

Considering the fan spirit of DCNation, I thought I’d take a stab at doing some weekly roundups of the other Cowboys blogs out there. Okay, so maybe weekly isn’t the best period, but every so often I’ll post some of the more interesting things floating around Dallas Cowboys Nation.

Today I want to get started with a new series getting started over at our friends’

The Ultimate Cowboys Showdown!

This new exclusive series will pit two all time Cowboys who were the best at their position, and put them in a head to head battle in a good old fashioned death match. Only the strong will survive!

Our Ultimate Cowboys Showdown features three rounds of fist-pounding, gut wrenching, nail-biting action, as two ultimate warriors get in the ring and duke it out until only one Cowboy is left standing. This is certainly not for the squeamish and parental discretion is definitely advised.

Who are they talking about? Jason Witten and his predecessor Jay Novacek. I was shocked by the numbers alone as Witten beat out Novacek all around. I also found it strange that at 6 years in the league, both had 5 Pro Bowls, 1 All-Pro selection, and both had played 95 games as well. Not sure I agree with the verdict on it, but with such a close comparison between the two, you really can’t settle on a right answer between the two. Go check it out.

Next up is and they’ve got a good article up on several of the players who are being given new opportunities to stand out and have an impact on this team in 2009. Some of the players covered are Anthony Spencer, Isaiah Stanback, Jason Williams, and Montrae Holland. It’s interesting to see who is doing what with the opportunities they have right now.

That’s about it for now. It seems news regarding the ‘Boys is slow going this weekend as OTA and minicamp practices have concluded.

What do you think?

Bryson Treece

Written by Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC


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