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Brady Report: Cowboys Defense, Turnovers Tank Game Vs. Browns

It can't get much worse than this, right?

The fell to the on Sunday, 49-38. At one point they trailed 41-14, though, before nearly pulling off another miraculous fourth quarter comeback. Offensively this team can score with the best of them, but turnovers and awful defensive play have this team at 1-3.

Let's get into my from Sunday's loss.

Odell Beckham, Browns
Cleveland Browns hauls in a touchdown reception defended by Dallas Cowboys in the first half, October 4, 2020, at .
  • We start as always with the . was magnificent on about 80-90% of the snaps on Sunday. He threw for 500 yards and 4 touchdowns, making this passing look absolutely unstoppable as they went on their fourth quarter run. But…that other 10-20% of the game counts too, and Prescott's fumble set the team into a tailspin at the end of the first half. The offense sputtered throughout much of the second and third quarters, while the Browns kept pouring it on at the other end. Is it Prescott's fault the Cowboys lost this game? Not at all. The offense should be allowed to have a scoreless quarter without the game going in the dumpster. We're getting to the point where the question this may be does Dak even want to be a Cowboy?
  • I was as big a fan of the as anyone, but through four weeks this is a disaster. He can't get off blocks, isn't generating any real pressure, and overall just looks like a shell of his former self. There's still time for him to get it together, but that move is looking like an “L' so far.
  • Let's talk for a minute about the right situation. willingly started over , but then replaced Steele in the first half after Myles Garrett was living in Dak Prescott's lap. If they were so quick to make that change and knew Steele was on a short leash, why didn't they just start Knight from the jump? Knight did a good job of keeping Prescott clean on the right side, and that might've avoided the sack fumble altogether if Steele never touched the field.
  • …come on man. Zeke is one of the league's best, and he came into this season in the best shape we've seen him in since 2016. But all of a sudden he's developed a ball security problem? Elliott has three fumbles already this season, after only having three during the entirety of 2019. He's also been a drop machine in the , something that will have to be fixed ASAP when you consider that this team is playing from behind every single week.
  • I have to watch the All 22 this week, but it felt like provided a boost at when he got in there. was a disaster, so the switch needed to be made, and Wilson seemed up to the challenge.
  • Behind , is the highest paid defender on the Cowboys. He also may be the worst on the roster right now. Smith cannot get off blocks, looks a step slow moving sideline to sideline, has taken poor tackling angles downhill, and isn't making tackles at the point of attack. How was the play Mrs. Lincoln? has vastly outplayed Smith, but this team misses badly.
  • What now? The 1-3 Cowboys face the winless this week, and in what is setting up to be quite the matchup. Dallas can't stop anyone, but the Giants can's score at all. Something's gotta give! A win next week would put Dallas right back in control of the , which is both hilarious and depressing. But this team is nowhere close to a contender right now. Not even close.
Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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COW BITCHES…. OWNED by another team. Just another group of “LOSERS lacking toughness, talent stamina and heart”, LOSER Head coach who should be sent back to Wisconsin, LOSER COACHING STAFF who are past their prime, LOSER “OVERHYPED STARS”. Jerry’s grandson plays better football than these excuse laden “cow bitches”. Steele sucks, head coach sucks and cannot lead, coaches can’t coach players the basics or get them to comply, can’t make good play calls unless way behind, 30th ranked defense, cannot get above less than marginal play, players not worth their money. That classifies you as “COW BITCHES” or “AMERICA’s LOSERS”. One day Jerry will figure out that he had a winner in Jimmy and blew it. Jerry should apologize to the fans this week on his radio show for the ridicule and frustration that the fans feel. Hopefully Michael Irving won’t aggrandize them or the front office’s choices this week. The ship has capsized.


You can lay it on the D all you want. Yes they are bad, but they are hurting as well. Lawrence is not healthy, two starting line backers out as well as a good chunk of the starting corners….not to mention Gregory still not active because the NFL chose not to reinstate him in a timely manner. The D is what it is…bad and hurt. Despite the gaudy numbers put up by the offense I still lay the blame for these losses at the foot of the guys on offense…particularly the ones turning the ball over. Clean that part of the game up and give your defense a chance and you will see this record turn around. The O must protect the football!


We have historically the worst defense in cowboys history and the blame is being put on the offense? unbelievable! This offense will need to score 50 pts a game.just to give us a chance. What about the injuries on the OL? think the offense hasn’t been affected by that? But u lay the blame for the losses on the offense. The offense is the least of our worries! This defense is pathetic and looked like they gave up against the Browns. Good thing the offense didn’t.

Cowboys fan

How can the blame be put on the offense?? That’s the dumbest remark I’ve heard yet!! Yeah they do turn the ball over every now and then, but it’s the defenses job to get it back!! And another thing is that the offense scores almost 40 points a game…. That should be enough points to win any game no matter how many times they turn the ball over!! But it’s not cause the defense can’t stop anything!! Letting every team score 40 or more points every game, and then letting the browns rush for over 300 yards in one game!! That’s almost unheard of!! What defense allows 300 yards in one game!? Our defense allowed every team we’ve played run down the field and score on us on every possession they had the ball!! So again, our offense is fine, we score more than enough points to win these games, we just need a defense that can stop the other team from scoring more than us and actually make a stop every now and then!!


Whatever dude. All I am saying is if the offense had not put this team in bad positions MULTIPLE times over the past few weeks we would be in a different position right now. I give them all the credit in the world for all the yards and points but their gaffs have greatly impacted the outcome of these games and that cannot be denied. The defense is bad and is going to continue to be bad because of all the i juries and lack of investment on that side of the ball for years. If this team is going to win the offense is going to have to out up points and stop giving short fields to the opposition.


This is a quote from Espn that sums up what I am saying

How the Cowboys can fix their issue: Play complementary football. The offense cannot turn the ball over; it must protect the defense. — Archer

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