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Brandin Cooks Prospect Profile

may not be a household name, not yet at least, but come draft time that will surely change. The 5'10 186 pound receiver from Oregon State is a speedster and is comparable to last years top 10 pick .

This is what makes Cook's a special talent:


Lateral quickness and Elusiveness. Cooks has the ability to cut on a time and change direction in a flash. On this punt return it seems as though the two Stanford players have Cooks pinned on the sideline. However, Cooks is able to elude the tackles and leave them grabbing at nothing.

Another thing that makes Cooks special is the fact that he is not a one trick pony. Cooks is able to line up 1-1 and beat defenders. In the Stanford game we see Cooks lined up 1-1. in the fist picture we see him get a free on the line .

Cooks releases

After getting released Cooks gets open with a corner post route.





cooks gains separation.



Cooks is also very sure handed and plays big. At 5'10 186 Cooks is a little WR but you can see here against Notre Dame he is willing to get above the D take a hit and make the play.



Along with all these great attributes Cooks has blazing speed and we elect him to run in the low 4.3's at the combine. His speed alone will get him notice but its his big play ability and great  skill set that will see him be swiped within the first two rounds.

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