Brandon Carr Celebrates June

Today is June 1st and that means more than all of us looking at our calendars and going, “HOW IS IT JUNE ALREADY?!” It means that the Dallas Cowboys will, most likely, carry (no pun intended) number 39 into the 2015 season.

The Cowboys had the option of releasing Carr before today to save roughly $566k in cap space; however, they can release him after today and save roughly $8 million. They seem to have chosen to retain Carr, despite his $12.717 million salary cap hit this year, most likely because contrary to popular belief they need him. Also just throwing this out there, but isn’t “The Carrousel” a sweet nickname for Brandon?!

Although Carr (aka the Carrousel) did not intercept a single pass in the 2014 season and has not lived up to the hype circling around him when he signed as a free agent with Dallas in 2012…he is one of the only veterans they have in the secondary. The Cowboys have newly restructured Orlando Scandrick, first round draft pick Byron Jones, 2012 first round draft pick Morris Claiborne (who is coming off of two surgeries and also hasn’t lived up to his hype), free agent signee Corey White, and last year’s undrafted free agent Tyler Patmon.

So jump on one of the horses or sit on the bench. The Carrousel rides another day.

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