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Breaking Down Cowboys CB Rankings From 2021 Training Camp

The position may be toughest spot for decision-making right now on the entire Cowboys roster. But thanks to some info published yesterday over on the team's official website, we may have a little more clarity on how these corners are comparing to each other in Dallas' 2021 .

The website's “Rank ‘Em” series focused on CB yesterday with a ranking of all 10 players currently in camp. Here was the list from the staff writers:

  1. Reggie Robinson

Does this list tell us anything we didn't already know?  That may depend on how much you keep up with these same writers and others on and other outlets. But surprising or not, here's what this list tell me.

Seeing Diggs on top is the least surprising item of all. We've already seen he's star potential, and the analysis in the article says that Trevon is now adding consistency to the playmaking. He looks poised for the second-year leap that we're all excited for!

Perhaps the biggest surprise is next with Maurice Canady in the #2 spot. Casual members of may not even remember Canady, who signed as a last year and then opted out under the policy.

Canady has returned in 2021 and has been on a mission to revive his career. If his camp performances carry over the rest of August, Maurice just might be one of the top three on the for Week One.

Anthony Brown remains a steady presence in that third spot. While he doesn't bring the occasional wows of a guy like Diggs, Brown's versatility and consistency are what have kept the former 6th-round pick gainfully employed for five seasons. At this point, a sixth year in Dallas seems highly likely.

Training Camp Battles to Watch for the Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys rookie CBs Kelvin Josph & Nahshon Wright

Nahshon Wright gets the nod over his fellow rookie, Kelvin Joseph, thanks to having a faster start to camp. While Joseph has been turning it on as of late, Wright was making noise back in the rookie camps and and carried that momentum into . The good news here is that both rookies appear to be legit and should contribute soon.

A real surprise was seeing Deante Burton listed sixth, especially ahead of Jourdan Lewis, but the staff said this was mostly due to Lewis missing time with . However, Burton's size does make him more of a -style corner and he's now in his fifth NFL season.

Reggie Robinson hasn't had it easy since entering the NFL, getting moved to as a rookie and now getting flipped back to CB in his second year. These transitions have likely slowed his progress and could make it hard for him to stick to the 2021 roster, especially as a product of a previous defensive regime.

Indeed, keeping Robinson won't be the only dilemma that the Cowboys face if all of these players stay healthy. Not only do they have seven cornerbacks who all have good cases to make the roster, but “ace” C.J. Goodwin will likely take up a roster spot despite his lack of value on .

The fall guy here is probably Deante Burton. While Maurice Canady has almost made himself indispensable 2021, Burton's still vulnerable and may not survive against younger prospects with more perceived upside.

From the basic perspectives of age and contracts Canady and Anthony Brown would be the next guys up on the chopping block. But if these reflect the coaches' feelings as well, Dallas isn't going to part with these assets given their championship aspirations and a Week One matchup against .

We still have three games and a bunch of practices before these decisions have to be made. There's still plenty of time for job security to be gained or lost; how much might these rankings change between now and final cuts?

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I do believe that as it stands today, Robinson is a bubble player who really needs to show out to make the 53. He’s not even made a mark on the special teams (where many thought he was a standout). If Burton is really getting serious consideration, then Robinson is in serious trouble. This team drafted others of his physical stature and measurables, so like Westry before him … he needs to make noise FAST. I think most of us fans would like to see him on the field with the starters and get a fair shot as his hype was intriguing, particularly as a guy who can get his hands on the ball.

I like Goodwin and understand the importance of a special teams ace, but even Bill Bates offered a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ on the defensive side of the ball. Goodwin doing nothing but special teams and pushing a potential talent like Robinson off the roster is questionable decision making IMO. If Cancady makes the team, and Malik Turner beats out Noah Brown, then that’s two new very good special team performers. Goodwin should be on thin ice.


Diggs is a given starter on one side, and it’s seems up for grabs on the other side. Brown has the experience, Canady the quickness and instincts, Joseph the draft position and ostensible talent, Wright the preferred size. Will be interesting decision, but good thing is position appears to have good depth.

Off subject: Wondering why no article here about DP’s SECOND MRI, and if this “strain” is over in a “couple of days” why this 2nd MRI and why are the Cowboys reportedly consulting with MLB Rangers and Yankees??? Read that Vice Pres Jones said he is not worried as DP will be ready for Tampa. Tampa?, so he missed 11 games last year and now VERY LIMITED in training camp and PS games and he will just step in against SB Champs Tampa, Brady and that strong defense and be READY? Something is not adding up here. As Max Kellerman on ESPN said, this may be setting up for yet ANOTHER excuse for DP and the Cowboys. Sadly, that may be true. And get a F-ING competent QB2 in the building already.

DP says PS games “don’t count”. That’s true, BUT THEY DO MATTER. JUST ASK THE GOAT.


The contact with Texas Rangers medical personnel is a by-product of this being a common pitcher ailment in the MLB. It’s not a “shoulder” strain, as the issue is really more in the lats (that attach to the shoulder). Getting input from those specialized and familiar in such case is simply doing your due diligence and wise. Don’t sweat the news outlets who are in the business of making news, not reporting truths. That’s not to suggest that teams are always transparent …

The 2nd MRI is also due diligence. They can determine if what they saw is improving beyond just what Dak tells them. It has become evident that Dak will do whatever it takes to get back on the field, and therefore, no matter what he says, it is again just due diligence to validate medically that any strain or tear is actually shrinking. And if it’s not, better to know right now so if surgery is an option, then it can be done right away.

Let’s not make news where there isn’t any …. yet (gulp).


Ghost, I get your points, but isn’t a second MRI on your “franchise” $160 million QB’s THROWING ARM, a story? And the idea that he can miss the kind of time I outlined above, and just step in against the SB champs and be at a level where we can win, is being a bit naive, IMO.

Now would I love to see us beat Tampa, of course. But being more realistic with this situation that is unfolding and that appears to not be going in the right direction, can a person pause with at least a little doubt. Yes news outlets tend to gin things up, but I think Kellerman may have a point here, as excuses always seem to seep in when it comes to DP and/or the Cowboys. And again, time to get out in front of our very shaky QB2 situation.

gary b

VAM- I’m sure Dak will play before the season opener. I doubt they would have him throwing AT ALL if they were very concerned it could be more serious. If he gets shut down again on the throwing then I would worry. With a huge investment like him at the most important position, he would be out for two weeks with a hang nail. That said Dallas downplays every player injury. I would go more by what they do or what Dak does rather than what they say. I think we’re okay with Dak. We better be.


Gary b, hope you’re right. If DP does play before the season opener, it would be a great sign. Would hate to not see him in a game since the fifth game of last year. Continuity and timing still matter, IMO.

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