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BREAKING: WR Switzer Being Traded to Oakland Raiders for DT Ward

A very unexpected is taking place right now for the . , who was drafted just a year ago, is being traded to the .

The Cowboys have drafted two wide receivers during the 2018 and traded for former Rams' WR .

Although very unexpected, it's an understandable move from Dallas. The WR room is set to be loaded and there might be more moves coming for the position.

In exchange, the Cowboys get their DT. was a draft pick in 2016 and comes in to fill a pressing need for the team.

It's hard to imagine what 's reaction will be for this one. We'll continue to update you at .

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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Chuck Wright

Ward doesn’t fit a need in Dallas. He’s a 3/DE not a 1. dallas needs a 1. coulda had Poona Ford, high motor highly productive college guy. Biggest hole on the Dallas D? running up the middle.

Ward is a bust, he was weak in 2016, sat out 2017 with a broken foot. Position flex hurting the team

Randy Martin

I get that something had to give with all the receivers we have now and while I’m not opposed to this trade, it kinda makes me wonder where we went wring with Switzer. They seemed pretty high on him when he was drafted but it did seem like he could really never break in last year other than as a return me. Is this a case of him just being odd man out? Is it case of being unable to learn the playbook? Was it his flippant remark when he made that key fumble in a loss where he said “not the first time and won’t be the last? It looks like it just comes back to Dallas making a poor pick or is it just a matter of them wanting Ward and Switzer just being what they wanted in return. I feel like there is more to know here. All that aside, I liked Ward coming out. He was a 3rd round prospect on Brugler’s board. I don’t think Gruden sees him as a fit but I know Marinelli liked him when we coached the Senior Bowl. He’s still young and I’m anxious to see how he might fit.

David Parkes

They Should have traded someone else. Switzer brings a return game to good to let go of.


WR unit needs more speed, Dallas gets rid of both WR’s who had it…

Doesn’t replace them with anybody fast, except Austin if he still has it (4.3, 2013 Combine / Austin may play at RB mostly). Although I like the Gallup pick. Ward had better be able to give something, because the Raiders got a good player out of it.

Travis Diggs

While it may been a little head scratching I get why they did it. Switzer is the poor man’s cole beasley, o by the way who we still have on the roster. Tavon Austin and Cedrick Wilson made Switz expendable, them two together upgrade the special teams way more than Switzer does


I heard this trade offer came from Oakland. I believe it was Bisaccia. Rich really liked Switzer when he was in Dallas. It fills a slot receiver need for Oakland. In return, we get a 3rd round DT from a couple of years ago for our 4th round pick last year. Interesting way to end up with a DT1/3. The Dallas defense doesn’t put a high priority on DT1. It is that simple. In fact, the only reason they had interest in Vita and DaRon was because they both showed DT3 potential.

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