BUZZ: Denver Broncos Add to Impressive Free Agency Haul

After the chaos on the first day of free agency, the second day has not disappointed. Amongst the many minor free agency acquisitions, there were more significant transactions.

  • Seattle Seahawks released Chris Clemens
  • Detroit Lions signed Golden Tate
  • Baltimore Ravens secured Jacoby Jones for four years

Two names that stood out the most were DeMarcus Ware and Darrelle Revis.

DeMarcus Ware:

The Day after acquiring T.J Ward and Aquib Talib the Broncos secured their defensive line veteran talent signing DeMarcus Ware. After refusing to take a pay cut to remain with the Dallas Cowboys, Ware managed to get a three year $30 million contract, earning slightly more than he would have made with the Cowboys this season. The Broncos have been the winner of this years free agency so far and with uncertainty as to how much longer Peyton Manning can play, they are clearly in a “win now” mode.

Darrelle Revis:

After being unsuccessful in attempting to trade him, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released Darrelle Revis in order to avoid his massive $16 million salary. Clearly the Buccaneers are not the only team unwilling to pay a corner back that kind of money as no team was interested in a trade. Revis secured a late second day contract for one year worth $12 million with the New England Patriots.

After two days there are still plenty of big name free agents available including two-time sack champion Jared Allen.

Despite his impressive resume there is still a chance Allen is out of the NFL next season. He made it clear that if he wasn’t offered the right amount of money, he would have no problem walking away from the game.

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Written by Josh Bateman


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