Y2K was a scary thing, no not really. You know what's scary? coming at you with the force of a thousand deer antlers.

That was the case during XXXV when Kerry Collins took the ball from his on every play. He was swarmed all day as one of the greatest defenses of all time made their mark in NFL .

Today the are going to make their mark on our Countdown To . We've been ranking Super Bowl Rings over the last few weeks and I've cooked you up a new one, numero cuarenta y tres (43, everybody).

Kick up your feet and relax. You're about to read all about the decimation of the and who doesn't love that?

Super Bowl Ring #43: 2000 Baltimore Ravens

NFL Blog - Celebrating Super Bowl 50: 2000 Baltimore Ravens

I've said before during this countdown that the first Super Bowl Ring in a franchise's history is usually its best. It's your chance to showcase your team logo with all kinds of glitz and glamour. This thing looks bedazzled.

I'm serious here. It looks like Lisa Frank designed this. What's up with the lines behind the Raven head? I feel like he's trapped behind a jail cell and is screaming (squawking?) for help! FREE THE RAVEN!

Brian Billick and his definitely did free the ravens during the 2000 season, though. Their defensive unit is one of the greatest of all-time, up there with the ranks of the 1985 and most recently… the 2013 (I know they're not on that level yet, relax).

In 2000 the Baltimore Ravens ranked:

  • 1st in points scored against
  • 2nd in yards allowed
  • 1st in turnovers
  • 1st in rushing yards allowed
  • 1st in rushing touchdowns allowed

…the list goes on and on. Needless to say that New York Giants had a hard time finding action for Tiki Barber.

#43: Rayvens

Ray Lewis served as the heart and soul of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and their stout defense. Even the great, and future Hall of Famer, Ray Lewis couldn't save this ring, though. It's a shame too, because that purple raven has the chance to look absolutely gorgeous on a ring. Oh well. I guess they'll just have to live with being World Champs and one of the greatest teams of all-time, suckers.

Come on back Friday when we unveil Super Bowl Ring #42!

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