Staff Blog - Change of Plans for Cowboys Cast Sunday, Ron Leary Wasn't Available

We’ve tried to keep busy for you guys, getting the show up on iTunes and better information on Soundcloud, and keeping the guests flowing.

Most of you know that we had Cowboys G scheduled to join us last Sunday, but that plan fell through. We’re still not sure why it happened, or if we’ll be able to get him on the show at a later date, because Mr. Leary has been inactive on Twitter, where we were contacting him. I know there is a lot of speculation out there about how he’s handling the of a potential competitor for starting rotation in La’el Collins, but there’s nothing to indicate that yet.

Even if that is why he didn’t show, all anyone has to do is listen to Sunday’s episode. You’ll hear Bobby explain why he thinks and La’el Collins should be able to work together on the line, and not have to battle for a spot on the roster with each other.

In either case, we’re extending an open invitation for Ron Leary to come on the show whenever he’s feeling up to it! Keep on keepin’ on, brother.

Let’s keep the speculation to a minimum on this, until the Big Guy himself says what’s what.

We make sure to get a firm commitment before we tell anyone who will be on a future episode, but the kind of people we’re wanting to talk to have very busy lives and things come up. I hope you’ll accept our sincere apologies for having to modify the guest list on Sunday.

Of course, it was still a great show. The impressive Mr. Dan Turner demonstrated what an effect the have on fans across the world. He called into the show from the U.K. and gave some solid analysis of the Cowboys’ new draft picks and UDFAs. I particularly liked what he had to say about and , in spite of Green’s during the rookie mini-camps.

Plus two segments where Bobby, Josh, and the new college graduate (Congrats!), Jared Katz discussed the contract situations for , , and even ’s latest push for more money; plus a little coverage of the action from the rookie mini-camps and reactions to the La’el Collins signing. Bobby had some interesting thoughts on where Collins would best fit in for 2015.

So be sure to check it out. Cowboys Cast, Episode #5.