Changes in Dallas: Cowboys Fire D.C. Brian Stewart

Well it seems as if someone in Dallas has finely realized what we have been saying all year long! It is time for there to be some changes around this team. The first relatively big change came when the Cowboys fired Brian Stewart who was the Defensive Coordinator for the past 2 years.

I honestly was not that surprised at this move seeing as how Wade Phillips took control of this defense totally about midway through the season, and honestly he did a pretty good job. The Cowboys led the NFL in sacks, with D-Ware having the league high 20, and were fourth in the league at pass defense. This doesn’t really reflect on the outcome of the season but for the most part this teams defense really was the only aspect of this team that seemed conscious. I really am hoping the changes keep coming as this really has to be a all so cliche “rebuilding” period for this team. Cowboy Nation can’t handle another wasted season! This team, in my opinion, is no longer a dominant force in the NFC East. The Eagles and yes even the Giants played much better football this season and it really is gut wrenching to say that when you look at the potential of this group of players that just aren’t performing.

As the T.O. soap opera continues, I anticipate there being a lot more changes going on around the Big D. I would like to know how our fellow Cowboys fans are feeling about the changes, and what area they expect to have a new face for 2009.

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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