When it comes to innovation in the National Football League, one doesn't need to look farther than the to see how it's done.

has arguably been the NFL's signature franchise since their conception in 1960. When took over the team in 1989 that persona increased exponentially as Jerry helped the NFL, and his Cowboys, become the force that they are in professional sports today.

Cowboys Headlines - Charlotte Jones Takes Us Inside The Star

That's why it isn't shocking that the new home of the Dallas Cowboys, , is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in the world.

The Star, located in Frisco, will be the new world headquarters for all Dallas Cowboys Operations. The team will bid adieu to Valley Ranch this summer as the move to The Star will be complete in August.

Within The Star is The Ford . This is an indoor stadium that the Cowboys will use as well as high schools from Frisco ISD. I'd go on and explain more for you, but Lindsay Cash Draper recently conducted a tour of The Star with Charlotte Jones and it's well worth your time.

Exclusive Tour of The Star Construction with Charlotte Jones Anderson

The Star is going to revolutionize the way that an NFL team, the Cowboys in this case, train and operate outside of gametime on Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys are continuing to do things bigger and better than their counterparts, living up to the standard of America's Team.

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