Cleveland Browns Unveil New Team Logos

So the Cleveland Browns have let their new logos known to the world. You probably had the same questions I did when I first heard:

  1. Did they have a logo to begin with?
  2. What are they cooking up now?

Well… the answer appears to be a different shade of orange, as the Browns have pointed out.

Cleveland Browns logos old and new
The old logos being compared to the “new” logos.

So you have to remind yourself that this is the Cleveland Browns. If you were expecting anything but a disappointment, you were sadly mistaking.

The Cleveland Browns shout that the logo change has been brought on by being proud of their colors and their orange, but what they really need to think about is the fans, because the Browns are consistent at only one thing — Smashing the hopes of Browns fans everywhere (99% in Cleveland).

The Cleveland Browns are a franchise full of disappointment. From Brady Quinn to Brandon Weeden to Johnny Manziel, all the 22nd overall picks in the NFL Draft, all disappointing quarterbacks who were expected to lead the franchise to bigger and better things. The Browns even drafted the next Adrian Peterson, and yet any hope Trent Richardson’s career had died in FirstEnergy Stadium.

And their All-Stars? Joe Haden and Joe Thomas are two of the best at their position, yet they are surrounded with no help and expected to do it all on their own. Haden lost his buddy TJ Ward at the safety position, and D’Qwell Jackson anchoring the defense.

Was an aging Donte Whitner and Karlos Dansby really better for this franchise?

And how about Joe Thomas having Joel Bitonio and Alex Mack? Good, right? Who’s on the right side of the line? John Greco and Mitchell Schwartz.

Let’s also not forget that their best wide receiver has so many off the field issues that he’s a sneeze away from being outlawed from the National Football League.

The Browns will unveil their uniforms for this upcoming season on April 14th. My excitement for those exist as much as the Lombardi trophy displayed there in Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you think?


Written by Michael Davis

I'm a life-long Cowboys fan. Where I was born and raised in North Carolina, it was a family tradition, and hopefully I can pass it down to the generations that follow. I love that football can always give us memories we'll cherish for the rest of our lives, and great moments, from the action happening on the field to who's sitting in the room with us while it happened.


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