By now we've all pretty much healed from the broken season that was 2015 for the . We've been able to sum it all up to the big that we sustained and chalk 2015 up to as a lost year.

Such has not been the case for a few of our divisional foes.

The Division Champion have, not to anyone's surprise, made no significant changes in terms of their . When you win your division, especially in the shocking matter that Washington did, you're typically very safe and no one bats an eye at that. So stay classy, Gruden.

NFC East Blog - Coaching Changes Around The NFC East

Not everyone considered 2015 a lost year, though.

The elected to relieve their two-time -winning , , of his duties in the early days of 2016. It took Big Blue until last Wednesday to find his replacement, and they stayed in house to do so.

The Giants promoted to the position of Head Coach. McAdoo has, after a slow start, gotten the Giants  to the top of the league in some aspects so it wouldn't be shocking to see them build a team around that side of the ball.

The G-Men were not alone in their efforts to have a changing of the atop the pyramid. Those bumbling misfits in Philadelphia fired the “genius” before the regular season was over, who has now found assumed the reins as the Head Coach of the , but they have also found a replacement for him.

NFC East Blog - Coaching Changes Around The NFC East 1

Philadelphia chose a disciple of their former king, , by poaching the Offensive Coordinator from Kansas City – .

This move was a suspicious one throughout the NFL as Pederson likely comes from the school of that Andy Reid put on full display for the world last Saturday night when the Chiefs were eliminated from the .

We'll have to wait and see if the Pederson hire is indeed as catastrophic as most think it will be, but ‘ol Dougie already made a great move by hiring as his on Tuesday.

After all of the changes that have occurred at the top ranks in the NFL's most historic division, there is one fact left that is very interesting.

is the longest tenured Head Coach in the East. Welcome to 2016.

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