According to Ross and our friends from Cowboys HQ, a deal with Cole Beasley is in the works and could be finalized sooner rather than later.

told Ross that the two sides are close:

“We just continue to work (at a deal),” Jones tells “We've had great interaction with (his representatives).

“We had a great visit at the combine. We're trying to get to a middle ground that we can both be happy with.”

This is great news considering how big of a weapon became for during the 2014 season.

Who wouldn't want a that didn't have a drop at all during the 2014 season?

Cole Beasley is one of those guys who is quick, tough, and smart. He knows exactly where to find the holes in a to keep the chains moving.

Guys like that don't come around too often, so it's a good thing the ‘Boys will have him signed up for a few more seasons.