Colin Cowherd: Dallas Cowboys Can Draft Goff, Win 2016 NFL Draft

Colin Cowherd has always been an inspiration to me in the sports media world. When he talks about just about anything, I tend to listen. When he talks about the Dallas Cowboys, I’m there. When he talks about the Dallas Cowboys drafting Jared Goff and still winning this upcoming draft, the Goff supporter and Cowboys fan that I am can barely contain excitement.

“You can visualize the Dallas Cowboys winning the draft. If Dallas takes Jared Goff, who everyone is going to say is a great pick #1 – their future quarterback – then they have eight remaining picks. they use 6 or 7 on a corner, a defensive tackle, or a rush end – and this is a great draft for defensive linemen – you can visualize the Cowboys winning this draft.”

One of the biggest arguments I hear from Cowboys fans that do not support the idea of Goff in Dallas is that the selection would be a waste of a top 5 pick, thus essentially ruining our draft. While this article is not directly the time or place to argue against that logic, there is one flaw in this theory that Colin addresses.

While educated Cowboys fans like myself can certainly acknowledge that the team has not hit on later round picks in recent years – something you must do in order to “win the draft” – the team’s numerous high selection joined with their team needs give them the greatest chance to finally turn this around in 2016.

The 34th overall pick can be used on a corner back or defensive linemen, as both talent pools will still be close to full at this time of the second round. As they progress deeper into the draft, the defensive line pool will still be full of talent to bring in for Rod Marinelli.

Colin also goes on to address one other need the Cowboys have, and one that has been talked about frequently here at Inside The Star, which comes at the running back position. However, the two of us share a similar thought process, as he reminds fans that the Cowboys can grab a high-production back in back-end of this draft.

I’ve made numerous cases for Devontae Booker of Utah, the latest of which you can check out right here. 

If the Dallas Cowboys want to be a serious contender in the remaining seasons they have with Tony Romo, they need to pull in a stacked draft class that will make an impact in 2016. At face value, this means that the fourth overall pick is their best chance to do just that.

The fourth pick is also a rarity (let’s hope) that this team can take advantage of to invest in their future, while trusting the likes of Will McClay to haul in those 2016 impact players in rounds 2 through 7.

Like Colin said, walking away with Goff along with a corner like William Jackson III and a defensive linemen like Ronald Blair, as well as potentially Devontae Booker, could win this draft for the Cowboys.

Here’s to The Herd, Colin, from a loyal listener and proud member of #TeamGoff!

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Written by Sean Martin

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