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Colin Cowherd: People Forget “Tony Romo Was Good For A Decade”

Cowboys Headlines - Colin Cowherd: People Forget "Tony Romo Was Good For A Decade"

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Colin Cowherd: People Forget “Tony Romo Was Good For A Decade”

I’ve always found myself agreeing a lot with Colin Cowherd, the now Fox Sports radio host who’s made headlines for some wrong reasons when it’s come to the 2016 Cowboys.

Returning to form as the logical and sensible personality that once had me watching Sportsnation every single day after school, Cowherd summed up the career of Tony Romo perfectly in this monologue.

Colin Cowherd Talking Romo -V- Dak; Tony Was Duct Tape – Streamable

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Cowherd has taken heat for spewing the hottest (and wrongest) takes possible when it comes to Dak Prescott, and now it seems that he has not only come around on the miraculous rookie, but has admitted his hesitance was due to the respect he has for Romo.

“I’m not anti Dak, I’m pro Tony.” – Cowherd

As one of the loudest Romo supporters out there, I referenced Cowherd in this column that showed my support for Prescott’s progress as Dallas’ starter – this time asking if the national media would ever give him the respect that Romo always deserved.


Tony Romo is now getting that respect, and even if its just 117 seconds here from Cowherd, it sums up perfectly what Cowboys Nation has been thinking for a decade.

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Sean Martin

Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Pleasant NJ, no we’re not how you think we are. Host of “Upon Further Review” on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. You may @ me: @SeanMartinNFL.

  • Randy

    I love it, it’s exactly how I feel

    • Sean Martin

      Should resonate with plenty of Cowboys faithful. Thank you for reading and replying, Randy.

  • Lew

    He is right on, He has carried this team for a very long time.

  • Charles

    Really wish we could have seen what Tony could have done with the roster we have now. It’s sad and a shame what my beloved Cowboys have done to the man that gave them his heart and soul. Dream scenario would have been Romo getting back his job leading Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory and then walking away a champion.

    • Sean Martin

      Spot on, Charles. That was certainly the dream scenario after a few wins from Dak, but it seems a bit less likely now. Honestly, as long as Romo gets a ring somehow, I’ll be so happy.

  • Mike

    I’m pro Romo. I think this o-line is making Dak look good. I’m sure even Sanchez would look the same if he played with this offensive line.

    • Sean Martin

      We said this about Weeden and Cassel haha. Biggest difference for Dak is that he has Zeke.

  • hectare22

    Tony Romo has played with some good offensive lines and not gotten it done in the past. Romo has been a very good quarterback for the Cowboys throughout his playing career, when you look at the past three years he has been hurt and not able to play. It appears at this point in his career he will be injury prone with the slightest hit, its Dak’s time and Romo will have to get used to being the backup and waiting for his number to called if Dak falters down the stretch. Colin Cowherd is an overrated loudmouth who is wrong almost all the time about anything that matters with sports.

    • Sean Martin

      …but are you agreeing with Colin here? You did admit that Romo was “a very good quarterback”. Thank you for the comment.

  • gilmorelogic

    Tony Romo did not concede the job to Dax. He was told her had lost his job. Cowboys fans have been frustrated by Tony for a while. We love him but time moves on.

  • Mike Young

    Tony was good for a lot of years. I enjoyed some of his best seasons. But I also remember what seems like a propensity to lose games with bad play at critical times. I believe the 2014 team is very comparable to this season in terms of personnel. The 2014 team did not have Elliott who is a dynamic talent but they did have Murray a tremendous talent in his own right who lead the NFL in rushing. Romo just never lead his team to a championship and unfortunately that may be his legacy. The 2015 season as we all know was a disaster because Romo could not stay healthy. Romo was good and gave it his all but Prescott is good too and he may be able to accomplish as a rookie what Romo never could – take his team to and win the Super Bowl. That would be amazing!!

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