Hope vs Reality: that's what the Cowboys 2015 has come to while sitting in the cellar of a very bad division with a 2-6 record. Dallas may not be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, but the reality is that of a long road that no team in has been able to overcome.

For as well as we all know , can we really expect him to come back after missing eight weeks and not lose a game? Can one really expect him to play his first game back and return four days later and play at an all-star level?

We can hope he will, but the reality is, that's asking a lot for a coming out of a broken collarbone even if it is number nine. And that's not even my biggest concern going forward.

To put it bluntly, I do not trust this . In no way am I blaming the defense completely for the Cowboys' sixth straight loss, I've just come to terms with the fact that if the Cowboys need to get a stop, it's not going to happen.

Are to blame? Partially. And with that, now comes the to — the leader of the defense. While coach Garrett will stand there each day and say Sean's injury status is day-to-day, owner said two to six weeks. Like him or not, good old JJ usually tells the truth when it comes to injuries.Cowboys Blog - Conflicting Points: Cowboys Ship Has Sunk 1

It's a topic that can debated every day until the Cowboys are officially eliminated or make the . I find everyone's Plan For The Playoffs and scenarios to Win The NFC East intriguing and read each and everyone to keep that glimmer of hope alive.

I've also sat back and had the reality check that the third corner of the coffin was nailed shut when the Cowboys lost to (of all people), and that somehow some way the Cowboys have lost six straight without Romo. And I expect this week to be more of the same, the Cowboys have left me no reason to think otherwise.

Want hope or a place to hang your hat? Here it is: damn near every prediction I've done recently has been wrong. Let's hope it all comes true moving forward.