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Cooper Rush’s Practice Role Increases, Cowboys’ Concern Over Kellen Moore?

It is safe to say that fans of the have a different view of the position on this team compared the other second QBs from around the NFL. A seemingly never-ending sequence of at the end of his Cowboys' career saw talented Dallas teams fall off entirely thanks to incompetent QB2 play.

may easily forget how close 2016 was to being another one of these lost seasons, as was in line to replace the injured Romo prior to his broken leg suffered at that introduced to the world.

Now, after spending a year helping Dak become the budding star he is, Moore's job as Prescott's primary backup is under fire thanks to UDFA sensation out of .

The Cowboys returned to their headquarters at to resume training camp on Monday, and Rush made headlines by earning some second-team reps following an eight of nine passing performance against the Colts that saw Cooper throw his third and fourth touchdowns of this .

While the Cowboys organization, from down to , still supports Kellen Moore as a knowledgeable backup to have around with a terrific eye for the game, his physical limitations in actually executing the on-field duties of the QB2 role have stood out when compared to Cooper Rush's dazzling and steady performances.

With tough roster decisions to come for a Cowboys team finally starting a healthy and young , keeping an experienced QB that's only played in three regular season games and completed 58.7% of his passes over that time with six interceptions is far from ideal when an even younger option is outperforming Moore for Dallas on the field thus far.

Ever since the , Cooper Rush's confidence has jumped off the tape as a QB that's barely had the opportunity to work with the starting around him. Rush's ability to compete paired with his natural arm talent warrant – at the very least – a fair chance for the undrafted four-year college starter to continue to develop with better talent around him at practice.

Kellen Moore is a finished product at this point in his career. He is a quarterback that will not be able to help the Cowboys win any games on the field should he be called on, only helping this team privately with his respected work in the quarterbacks room and team meetings. The same cannot be said about Cooper Rush at the moment, but a spot may open up much easier on the roster for a QB that could some day be expected to play at a high level if needed.

The truth of this matter is that, come September 10th, we'll be forgetting quickly about the preseason debate between Kellen Moore and Cooper Rush – no matter what the team decides to do. The Cowboys' 2017 hopes are firmly entrenched in QB Dak Prescott, and finding ourselves this deep down the roster to discuss competition for spots on only speaks to the overwhelming talent that Prescott's team as a whole has entering the new year.

Whether or not this will include the clear talent that Cooper Rush has shown through three preseason games is hard to determine though, even after an added move of confidence by the Cowboys to promote Rush's reps in practice and question Kellen Moore's home in Dallas.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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so begin season with 3 QBs and then by game #10, cut Moore and add another player due to need

Sean Martin

Thanks for reading, Tom! Moore is also practice squad eligible, which is tempting to save a spot on the 53.

Travis Diggs

Finally yall discuss this Finally Cooper gets some love and it only took 3 games Linehan needs to stop thinking with his heart and coach with his brain. Kellen Moore has never been good but for some reason the only people who thinks he’s talented are people in Dallas Its Amazing to me That this statue of a qb was resigned and is still in the league. If he’s cut or when he’s cut , no other team will be dumb enough to pick him up, not even the browns or jets. After Rush outplays him again in the next two games They need to cut ties No matter how much Linehan feels about his step son

Sean Martin

Very well said Travis. I think the Moore statues are found in Boise, Idaho though. At least based on our comment sections here typically when we talk about him like I did here. Agree with what you have to say about Rush. Thanks for reading!


Moore could win a game… ;^)

Keep in mind he has been out 1.5 years with a broken leg, no doubt is still on the crawl back from that. I think he will look better from here.

Rush – what a walk on. I’m not exposing him to waivers, I’m keeping 3 QB’s and probably just Swaim, Gathers & Witten at TE.

Sean Martin

James Hanna is on this football team. So if that’s keeping Cooper Rush off the team, it is time to look at Moore’s spot. Could he win “a game” or is he a guy with any upside to not be one of the least talented backups in the league?


Rush almost certainly makes the team from his production, too risky to expose him to waivers. But I doubt Moore is cut, so the spot comes from somewhere.

Moore would have to implode in these last 2 games, then they’d probably still go get a veteran. I think he’s going up after a lot of rust to start this preseason.

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