After putting on Season Ending IR, the Cowboys have signed from the with ruled out for this afternoon. With issues among the outside Wide Receivers, you have to believe he has an opportunity to make a name for himself.

has been a non-factor. I believe we will see Vince Mayle receive quite a few looks, whether in practice or games. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Mayle is active over Street against the Patriots, even though it is unlikely.

Street has been a letdown this season. There was talk among those in during that he could possibly push as the “Z” Receiver. That simply did not happen.

Street has managed only one reception for eighteen yards since has been out of the line up. His mental mistake last week did not do his roster spot any favors either.

Mayle is a stronger receiver that may have more success getting off press coverage than the less physical Street. While Mayle is not known for his great route running, he is a tough receiver that could give a big target to look toward.

At 6'2” 225lbs, he definitely looks the part of a physical receiver.

While there are some positives about Mayle, he is very much a developmental player that will need a lot of work with to turn into a consistent option on the outside. However, he shouldn't have any issues, at least not in matching the production of Street thus far.