Cowboys 3rd Round Cornerback Jourdan Lewis Announces Jersey Number

Justin Timberlake and *NSync said for years that it was “gonna be me” while sounding like it was “gonna be May!” and it would appear that whatever they were saying, May meant something cool. Apparently for the Cowboys May means numbers. Rookie Wide Receiver Ryan Switzer recently announced what jersey number he’ll wear in Dallas, and his new teammate Jourdan Lewis wasn’t far behind.

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Let’s be clear here – #27 is an elite number in football. If a running back wears it, he needs to be a thumper type dude like Marshawn Lynch. If a safety player wears it, they’ve got to be able to lay the wood… which is why it sort of fit JJ Wilcox.

If a cornerback wears #27 then he has to be an absolute beast, which is why it makes sense for Jourdan Lewis to wear it. He wore #26 at Michigan and, while that number was available in Dallas, it seems like Jourdan was feeling a bit of a change as he ascends into the next phase of his athletic career.

Jourdan Lewis was taken one round ahead of Ryan Switzer in terms of the Dallas Cowboys Draft, but ‘ol Switzerland beat Jo-Lew (it’s time to experiment with nicknames people!) when it came to announcing jersey numbers. The two actually have a history with each other, of which Jourdan let all of Twitter know recently.

Jourdan Lewis on Twitter: “Me and Ryan, 5 years ago. @Switz03 / Twitter”

Me and Ryan, 5 years ago. @Switz03

Jourdan Lewis and Ryan Switzer are going to have a lot of battles like this one across many practices over the next few years, and likely very soon in upcoming rookie minicamps. While they partake in said practices though, at least we now know what jersey numbers they’ll be wearing. Did I mention that this rookie class is absolutely amazing? Because this rookie class is absolutely amazing. Get ready to order some #10 and #27 jerseys!

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