The have traded a 2017 seventh round draft pick for of the .

The Cowboys will give up their 5th-round pick in 2017 in exchange for Cassel, and the Bills seventh-round pick in 2017, and will assume Cassel's current deal of $2.15 mil plus incentives.

Cassel is well known as taking over for the in 2008 when was lost due to .

The move in itself is a little surprising with the way praised this morning on 105.3 the fan. Saying that Weeden had made significant strides and continued on about his abilities as a gifted passer.

Cassel, 33, was cut by the Bills in order to trim the team down to the 53 man limit and then was brought back to serve as Tyrod Taylor's backup.

Cassel is more than likely an insurance move in case Weeden becomes injured or doesn't make the progress that the is hoping for. But as coach Garret always says, it's about competition.