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Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys & Texans Rivarly!! HUH!



Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans
Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Now for most teams the object is to win A Championship, but for the Cowboys expectations have always been of a higher standard, and that standard is to become the best and stay there for as long as possible! This is why you will not see them be a one hit wonder. There is a certain pride that comes with wearing the star, and cheering the star. This team becomes a part of you, a part of who you are.

I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas (the new home of the Cowboys) my parents were born and raised there as well. My family has been Cowboy fans since their inception. My earliest memories are of family get togethers playing football in the back yard at my grandparents home until it was time for the Cowboys to come on, then all of us piling into the living room and watching the game. I remember the intensity at which my uncles and grandfather had for the Cowboys. I now live in Houston, Texas and I understand that as a person of this community I should support my local teams, and all I can say is that I support them as much as I can. The extent of my support is well let’s say extremely minimal. I watch them when the Cowboys are not on, and if I was forced to pick another team to do well it would be the Texans. In most areas this would not be an issue, but here there seems to be a lot of animosity towards Cowboys fans. Here in Houston we are perceived as being arrogant, egotistical, conceited and just overall hated. Now I am not a person who really cares what anyone has to say about me, but this has been bugging me since I moved here in ’05.

The majority of this hatred towards Cowboys fans has not come from people I associate with; it is primarily pushed along by the Houston media (Ted DeLuca & John Lopez). These clowns down here like to build this big rivalry between the Cowboys and Texans, this I do not understand and never will. For starters they play in two completely different leagues, they have only played each other in one regular season game (yes I know the Cowboys lost), and the last time I checked being 300 miles apart is not the dominating factor in what makes a rivalry! Now I understand that the Cowboys have an extreme amount of bandwagon fans, most teams that are any good have this, but a large portion of Cowboys fans have been fans for a long time and will continue to be there.

So as I have thought about why we are perceived this way, the only thing that makes sense to me is that most of us were born and raised with a fierce devotion for the Cowboys. When I say that I am talking about when times are rough and the boy’s are not playing well we tend to do one of two things: one we get very angry with them and express that anger vocally or two we clam up and become silent. The second of these two things is what I tend to do, and I do this not because I do not care but because I care too much. In the same aspect we are perceived this way because when they are winning we tend to be very vocal about that as well. This is what people cannot stand, but winning is all we care about. We do not care how they play the game it is all about whether they win or lose!

In my three years here in Houston I have created my own perception of the Texans Fans and media, and I must tell you it is not a good perception. They always seem to have an excuse as to why they are not winning, and they are very ho hum about where they stand. For the first 2 years I was here it was all David Carr’s fault ( granted he was not very good) but this guy got his head kicked in for the entire time he was here. He never once had an even average offensive line, but I never heard him complain, and since he has left all I have heard about is how bad he was! Come on! How about you spread the blame around! The Cowboys have had some piss poor quarterbacks in their time, but generally speaking those quarterbacks did not have much around them either, this is what’s different, I and we see the team as a whole, they seem to want to lay blame on one person. The Ho hum perception is what kills me, in Dallas when the Cowboys are sucking it up they get killed by the fans and media alike, here it is like “ oh well the Texans got beat again who cares” I do not understand this.

If I could tell all of Houston one thing it would be this, If you all spent more time worrying about your own damn team and less time worrying about Dallas fans and the Dallas Cowboys you may actually get somewhere! I know none of what I have written here today will have any impact on this city or its media, and I am o.k. with that! I just needed to get this off my chest!


Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Losing Linebackers Coach Matt Eberflus to Colts

Jess Haynie



Matt Eberflus, Sean Lee

Multiple sources are reporting Matt Eberflus — who has been the linebackers coach and passing game coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys — will leave to join the Indianapolis Colts as the new defensive coordinator. Eberflus has been with Dallas since 2011, having joined Rob Ryan’s staff when Ryan become the coordinator for the Cowboys’ defense.

He has been the linebackers coach during his entire Dallas tenure and was also named passing game coordinator in 2016.

Tom Pelissero on Twitter

With Josh McDaniels ticketed for the #Colts, former #Cowboys assistant Matt Eberflus is expected to come along as defensive coordinator, I’m told. Lot of parts falling in place now.

If not the Colts, some thought Matt Eberflus might end up replacing Matt Patricia as the defensive coordinator in New England. Either way, it does not appear Dallas could have kept him around while Rod Marinelli remains in his current position.

Eberflus’ work in Dallas speaks for itself, and primarily through LB Sean Lee.

He has been Lee’s position coach for all but his rookie season, and in that time Lee has been one of the top defensive players in all of football.

Beyond Lee, Eberflus has also been able to get quality play out of mid-round picks like Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson. We also saw Jaylon Smith make significant progress this season.

Given Matt Eberflus has never worked with Josh McDaniels before, the fact he was on the Colts’ radar says a lot.

Make no mistake; the Cowboys lost a good one here.

Don’t panic, however. Coach Marinelli has cast a very wide net during his time in the NFL and there are a lot of potential guys, some with plenty of experience, that Dallas might look to.

It’s entirely possible that Eberflus’ replacement will be someone who Marinelli spends 2018 grooming to take over as the defensive coordinator.

Still, of all the coaching changes so far for Dallas, this one hurts most.


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Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Hire Longtime Bengals OL Coach Paul Alexander

Kevin Brady



Cowboys Hire Longtime Bengals OL Coach Paul Alexander

Thus far the 2018 offseason has brought a plethora of change to the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Now it is being reported the Cowboys have hired a brand new offensive line coach, former Cincinnati Bengals’ Offensive Line Coach Paul Alexander.

Alex Marvez on Twitter

Source tells @sportingnews that Paul Alexander hired as new @dallascowboys offensive line coach

Alexander coached with the Bengals for over 20 years, and replaces the same man in Dallas who replaces him in Cincinnati, Frank Pollack. Alexander has also been the Bengals assistant head coach since 2003.

The Cowboys recently lost an assistant head coach when Special Teams Coordinator Rich Bisaccia left for Jon Gruden’s Oakland Raiders.

Per usual, the hire has been met with mixed reactions from Cowboys Nation.

Joey Ickes on Twitter

Since 2003, CIN has had only one season where they finished top-10 in Yards per attempt on the ground… They’ve been bottom-5 in the league 5 times in that span… That’s the OL Coach DAL just hired.

The hiring of an offensive line coach who’s rushing attack finished bottom five in the league in rushing yards per attempt five times since 2003 doesn’t look too great on paper. He will also teach with different techniques and styles than previous Cowboys OL coaches, which could potentially set back the offensive line early in the season.

Plus, respected Bengals’ writer Joe Goodberry did not exactly love the hire for the Cowboys.

Goodberry on Twitter

Pretty bad

Regardless, this is still a very talented offensive line and one which should lead an effective ground attack based on their talent alone. 2017 proved further that coaching matters a lot in the NFL however, and the wrong hire could set back even the most talented of units.

We will just have to wait and see how this 2018 season ends up playing out.


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Dallas Cowboys

Mike Solari, Paul Alexander Candidates for Cowboys Vacant OL Coaching Job

Sean Martin



Mike Solari, Paul Alexander Candidates For Cowboys Vacant OL Coach Job 1

By keeping all three top coaches (Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan, and Rod Marinelli) in place for 2018, there isn’t a Dallas Cowboys coaching hire that feels like they “must” get it right to contend next season. This is how it should be.

Producing nine wins, despite missing key players throughout the season, the Cowboys are changing things up at the position coach level to hopefully introduce new ideas and give the talent on this team a better chance at sustained success.

One coaching vacancy that needs to be filled by the right guy above any else is on the offensive line, where things haven’t been the same since the great Bill Callahan departed.

Frank Pollack took his place, and now finds himself with the Cincinnati Bengals after not being retained by Dallas this offseason.

Mike Solari, Paul Alexander Candidates For Cowboys Vacant OL Coach Job

Tom Cable (Stephen Brashear / Getty Images)

The first name that was thrown around in consideration for the Cowboys job was Tom Cable, which sent a panic throughout Cowboys Nation before Cable decided to sign with John Gruden and the Raiders.

Cable had been coaching the Seahawks’ OL, a position that franchise has not valued in some time, and struggled to develop any talent in protection of their franchise QB Russell Wilson.

Now, two new names have emerged as candidates to coach the likes of two-time 1st Team All-Pro LT Tyron Smith, 1st Team All-Pro C Travis Frederick, and two-time 1st Team All-Pro RG Zack Martin.

Mike Solari and Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander has already met with the Dallas Cowboys, looking for work after 23 seasons with the Bengals. During this time, Alexander served as Marvin Lewis’ assistant head coach, in addition to his duties as their OL coach.

Judging on reactions out of Cincinnati to Alexander’s departure, the Bengals offensive line regressed under him in 2017, warranting change from a franchise that is as reluctant as any to move on from coaches.

Goodberry on Twitter

Paul Alexander better be gone

Most recently, Mike Solari has served as the offensive line coach for the New York Giants — far from a renowned unit around the NFL lately. He does have previous experience with the Cowboys, having served as an assistant OL and special teams coach here from 1987-88.

From 2006-07, Solari did reach the rank of offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs, which shows the level of respect that the 30-year NFL coaching veteran has earned.

He will be the Dallas Cowboys’ next interview for their open OL coach position.

Cowboys at Raiders: La'el Collins Faces Toughest Test Yet In Khalil Mack 1

Dallas Cowboys RT La’el Collins, RG Zack Martin

Depth at tackle, a long-term answer at left guard, and an extension for Zack Martin are among the questions facing the Cowboys offensive line moving forward. Whoever is in charge of keeping this unit up to standard in 2018 though, may hold the keys to getting the entirety of the Cowboys’ program back on track.

Whether it’s Alexander, Solari, or another outside candidate yet to emerge, Inside The Star will keep you updated on the Cowboys’ ongoing coaching search.

Tell us what you think about “Mike Solari, Paul Alexander Candidates for Cowboys Vacant OL Coaching Job” in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!


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