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Cowboys at Vikings: Bold Prediction

A huge game approaches for the as they will travel to Minnesota for a match-up that can either end or save their season. This game is very important for both teams, but perhaps it means a lot more to the Cowboys than the .

While this game is crucial to the team, it's also crucial for . But what would a loss against the Vikings mean for Dak? That's a question for another article, for now, it's time to jump into my weekly (sometimes crazy) predictions for this Sunday's game.

To start the game Vikings will score first, probably with an early field goal. will surely have a game, with probably over 250 yards and 2-3 touchdowns. The Vikings will score again making the score 10-0. The game will not be looking good for the Cowboys, until the next quarter.

At the start of the second, the Cowboys will be marching down the field and scoring a passing touchdown to . After that, the Vikings will score another touchdown making the score 17-7. Dak Prescott will hit a wide-open for a 60+ yard passing Touchdown. Speaking of Dak, I also think he will have a really good game with 300+ passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

Before the half, the Vikings will turn the ball over which will result in a field goal by the Cowboys. The halftime score will be 17-17. I feel like this entire game will be very close, neither team should have a 10+ point lead for the whole game.

As halftime ends, the Cowboys will get the ball and have a three-and-out. This will be a real killer for the . The Vikings will then quickly get to the endzone in less than three minutes, 24-17. No worries, because the Cowboys should then put a very well-organized drive together that turns into a touchdown, and tie the game again.

Another hot take is that the Vikings will sack Dak Prescott for a sometime during the game. The Vikings' will pin them within the 5-yard line and then the will get to Dak in the backfield.

At the start of the fourth quarter, The Cowboys will score another touchdown putting the score to 31-26, Cowboys in the lead. With less than 6 minutes left, the Vikings will have a drive going that will put them back in the lead with a passing touchdown from Kirk Cousins. With a successful 2-point conversion, the Vikings will have a lead of 31-34.

Less than 2 minutes will be on the clock, time to make some magic happen. The Cowboys will start to drive, however, around the midfield they will fall short and fail to convert a fourth down. The game will end with a final score of 31-34, Vikings win.

Yes, a crazy game will happen to say the least. Could the Cowboys win? Yes, but I think the Vikings will come out of this game with a hard-fought game.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing, and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 19 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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