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Cowboys Backup QB Situation Shouldn’t be a Concern for Fans

Throughout this , , writers, and bloggers have talked about how a backup QB is a need for . We are set with what looks to be a new franchise in the form of , but are we content with backing him up?

A backup QB is not a player who will take your team to the if the starter is injured.

We forget this sometimes.

Guys like being available gets our attention. Backup quarterbacks study the game, know all the Xs and Os. That's their job. They help starting quarterbacks by telling them what the is doing. In a way, they are a coach in uniform. This is what Kellen Moore brings to the table. This is why he has stayed in the NFL.

This is why he is a Dallas Cowboy, and this is why a backup QB hasn't been a need for the Cowboys this offseason.

Most fans are not happy with Moore as QB2, though. That's why we talked about potentially getting a QB late in the Draft. That's why we discussed undrafted rookies  and Austin Appleby immediately after they were signed.

There is a large group of fans who simply do not like Moore as the backup for Prescott. I get it, he isn't flashy. He isn't a playmaker. He is not someone who will carry the team to victory if called upon. He is not .

Tony Romo Being the Backup Last Year Spoiled Cowboys Fans

Last year, we had what was perhaps the best quarterback situation in the league. Dak Prescott — a fourth round rookie — surprised everyone with his performance, and sitting on the bench was veteran Tony Romo.

After rehabbing from his and finding himself no longer the starting QB for America's Team, we were pretty confident with the team's QB2. He was, after all, our quarterback. Romo is not coming back though. And going from Tony to Kellen as our backup may not feel good.

But let's remember that was not a common situation. It was special in a lot of ways.

Romo's Injuries

I'm a big fan of Tony Romo. I have defended him all my life and will continue to do so. But it is a fact that he was injury prone. Every time he went down, we had to watch backups try to keep the team afloat. 2015 was tough. And I feel like that is a big part of why Cowboys fans are so concerned for a QB2.

We lose sight of what's really important. Dak Prescott is our quarterback. If someone is going to bring a Lombardi home, it's going to be him.

How do you feel about our current QB situation?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly  live show Primero Cowboys!

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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K Moore has everything going for him to be able to play in the NFL as a backup and possibly even a starter at some point except for one thing. He does not have much season game experience. Fans and even some coaches are not thrilled with K Moore because he looks more like the equipment manager than a NFL QB. Let me list the facts about why K Moore can do the job:
1. Per S Linehan he really is a veteran in terms of maturity, even though he has not played much. Most think he will be a coach someday.
2. S Linehan says he has a strong enough arm to play in the NFL. He uses his outstanding pocket passing skills/abilities to overcome or compensate for his physical limitations. He knows his limitations and does not try to make throws his arm will not allow him to make. In his three and one half games he played in 2015 his stats were mediocre but per S Linehan he moved the ball well and did a lot of the right things. Considering it was his first time playing with a first string and he had limited reps to get ready, he did well and should be compared to other QBs in the NFL their first three and one half games.
3. His strengths are accuracy, anticipation, QB knowledge/smarts, poise, minimizing mistakes, vision down field, finding the optimum receiver, good at his reads, quick release, knows where to move to in and around the pocket, instincts, and consistency. HIs weaknesses are his physical limitations; too small, not athletic, and does not have a strong arm.
4. He was one of the all time best pocket passers in NCAA history. He came close to breaking several records ( e.g. touchdowns, completion percent and fewest interceptions) and did break a couple records; 50-3 record and completion percent for a freshman. Many games he only played about three quarters because of big leads. If he had the prototypical size he would have been a top draft pick and maybe even number 1 over A Luck.
5. He seemed to develop these outstanding skills/abilities because he has been relentlessly studying, practicing and playing QB since he could walk as his dad was a coach and he was in a constant football environment. They said he could run an NFL west coast offense in high school from studying and practicing so many NFL tapes.
6. K Moore was nick named “Mr August” in Detroit because of his outstanding preseason play but mostly at third team and one big game at second team.
7. K Moore broke lots of Washington State records in high school but also came close to some national records but only played three quarters a game because the team was usually way ahead.

Mauricio Rodriguez

I have high hopes in Moore as QB2. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who might be worth replacing Kellen. Thanks for reading, George.

John Williams

It’s not about being content, it’s about being as good as you can at as many positions as you can.

There is an argument made for Kellen Moore, but I think it has little to do with what he can do on the field. Great locker room guy. Great film room guy. But if he’s called upon to play a game or more for you, are we content with that.

I’d say no.

Kaepernick isn’t just an attention getter, he’s actually a pretty good player. He’s got skins on the wall and would be a good fit with what Dallas wants to run with Dak. You don’t have to change anything.


The NFL is about great pocket passing. Kaepernick is not a great pocket passer but a dual purpose QB with a strong arm. K Moore is a master at pocket passing. He can do things most QBs cannot as he plays instinctively and is a very smart pocket passer. He cannot make the rocket throws which probably makes his ceiling a 2nd team QB. I think it would be great to bring in Kaepernick to compete with K Moore. However I doubt Kaepernick could beat out K Moore for the 2nd team QB position. I doubt Dallas will bring in Kaepernick or any other veteran QB as this costs a lot of $$$ and takes away from the reps/playing time for K Moore who they want to get ready to play and be the 2nd team QB.

John Williams

“K Moore is a master at pocket passing.”

George? I know your Kellen Moore love runs deep, but you can’t really believe this.

Master’s of pocket passing typically get drafted and given opportunities to play.

If anyone in the league believed this, Dallas would have gotten a 3rd or 4th for him by now.

With all the quarterback turnover that has happened this offseason, there were zero rumors about Kellen Moore being a trade target for teams.

Moore is a backup quarterback and we don’t even know if he’s good in that role. There is zero evidence to suggest that Moore can or will be a successful NFL quarterback in his career.


“Master at Pocket Passing” may have been too strong of a statement considering he is constrained by his physical limitations. However, don’t take my word for it but take S Linehan’s word who should be one of the top QB experts in the world. S Linehan has said K Moore can be successful in the NFL and is confident in him as his 2nd team backup. Many people including football experts do not think K Moore can even play in the NFL because of his physical limitations especially his lack of a strong arm. S Linehan has said his arm is strong enough. He has also said K Moore knows his limitations. I used the words “master at pocket passing” because of his instinctive, consistent and smart pocket passing skills/abilities which he uses to overcome or compensate for his physical limitations. His college coach, Peterson, who is not known to be outspoken said and I quote, “He is the best pocket passer I HAVE EVER SEEN”. I assume he has seen T Brady, Payton Manning and Drew Brees but maybe not. I would go so far to say he may be one of the best ever at a combination of accuracy, anticipation and pocket passing smarts. The rest of the NFL will probably not get on board about K Moore without K Moore proving he can play well consistently, because of his physical limitations. K Moore has shown a taste of what he could do in 2015 in three and one half games but his play was overall mediocre from a stat. standpoint. He did throw 435 yards against Washington but Washington was using a lot of backups. With more reps/experience he should improve on this play as this was his first time playing against first team defenses. As I have said I wouldn’t be surprised if K Moore outplays D Prescott in preseason games.

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