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Cowboys Beat Themselves

The Romo haters please hush… Cowboy fans are the most loyal in the nation but come on, stop bashing a guy that threw for over 500 yards and 5 TD's. Yes there is no denying that he virtually lost them the game with the interception, but there would have been no “game” to blow if he didnt keep them in it by himself  all game long. The Cowboys lost to the the best team in the league by a field goal. This speaks for itself, we have the potential to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Payton Manning didn't hold back against the Cowboys , but all in all I can't say too many bad things about our when the  was non-existent. The matchup that I thought would be the Cowboys biggest advantage actually went in the Broncos favor. The Broncos were starting their back-up … Ifigured this meant that Ware would at least be able to bring Manning down a couple times.

The Cowboys played a great game of football, with just a few costly mistakes. It is a team game and that is why no one person can win or lose a game. The false start on the 3-yard line was just as devestating as Dez's fumble and Romo's INT. It doesnt feel like Dallas is a 2-3 team right now, becasue of how well they are playing in my . With running behind his pads again and punishing anybosy that gets in his path and Romo lighting up the scoreboard I still beleieve that we are an elite team. The way Romo eluded pass rushers all game was somthing that will scare any defensive cordinator. The Cowboys looked sharp in all aspects of their offensive game. Witten, Bryant, and Williams had the short and deep threat covered while Demarco kept the front line honest with his effecient running on the ground. Like I said before, the pass rush was a key downfall for the Cowboys and if that doesn't get fixed any in the league can look like Payton Manning.

Going foward, the one word that I would preach to the players if I could would be consistency. If the ‘boys can play in the same manner they did against Denver, this weeks game against the Redskins should be one for the win column.

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