Cowboys Bench Veteran Starter?

If you happened to catch Wade Phillips’ Monday press conference you may or may not have picked up on a few key statements from Phillips. Other than the ridiculous mumbling, and stumbling around that he did, I believe he may have let us all in on a certain change that may be coming.

At one point in the press conference the Dallas media began a line of questioning that went something like this; will you be making any changes with the starters? His response: Uh well uh a blee, a blee, a blee, that’s all folks!! We will be looking at that, uh well uh a blee, a blee, a blee; uh well of course uh Romo and Terrence would uh start! So after 4 or 5 minutes of this ridiculous banter back and forth this question was asked; how do you think the defense performed on Sunday? Well uh, uh, uh I thought they uh…. (You get the point)……. Then he makes this statement, “I thought Anthony Spencer played a great game, he probably played the best of all our front seven, I mean he was the toughest to block even more so than Demarcus” REALLY! I think this was a sure sign of what is to come.

I am going to say right now that we have seen the last of Greg Ellis as a starter on this team! This has always been the plan but it was not to happen until next year. Greg Ellis can still play, but he has slowed and Spencer if he can stay healthy adds another dimension to this front seven, Speed!! If porky will use him correctly (do not have these guys covering TEs and RBs) teams will not be able to double and triple team D-Ware.

This defensive unit needs a boost and Spencer in the starting lineup may just be the spark to get this thing going in the right direction!

Check it out here for yourselves!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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