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Cowboys at Broncos: Writers Give Their Takes on #DENvsDAL

Hello Cowboys Nation! It's week two in the NFL and that means the are on their way to play the at Mile High Stadium. It's been a tough , and the hits keep coming too, but nothing matters right now except for Dallas vs. Denver. Cowboys and Broncos. Thin air and intimidating grandstands. and… well, you get the jist.

Obviously, the first note I have for this game is for the Cowboys . On paper, they're eh, just so-so, but they played a hell of a game last week holding the New York Giants–minus star , –to just three points. A field goal that came on a goalline stand.

If you haven't already, tip your hat to the , ladies and gentlemen, because they earned it. If you're not wearing a hat, a hearty “hell yeah!” will suffice until you find one.

Ezekiel Elliott looked good. He'll need to look good this week too. He's fought hard to be out on that field Sunday and another 100-yard performance will do just fine. Actually, if he rushes for more than 80 yards on Sunday, 24/7 Sports says he'll break a 31-year-old NFL record of 15 consecutive games with at least 80 yards rushing. Not sure how that works since he was active in 2016, he just didn't play. But the NFL loves Zeke, so one more column with his name in it works for me.

got off to a rocky start against the Giants, but settled into a groove as the game progressed. Coach attributed some of his early inaccuracy to opening day jitters, so I'd expect to get a calmer, more poised Prescott against the Broncos.

Now, about the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos controlled the clock against the Chargers in week one, averaging 3.9 yards per rush for 140 team rushing yards. However, the was not able to protect Trevor Siemian, allowing four for 38 yards. The Broncos gave up two turnovers (1 interception, 1 fumble lost), and passed for 219 gross yards. The Cowboys defense is largely untested so this will be another chance for them to show what they can do.

On defense, the Broncos held the Chargers to just 64 yards on the ground. They gave up 192 yards on 22 completions through the air, taking one away.

The key in this game will be the Cowboys offensive line.

held off the pretty well at , and even knocked on his ass once. But it was the guards, and who held their ground throughout the game. Right now, the biggest question on the o-line is Green's health, not the personnel.

If the Cowboys offensive line can open holes for Zeke and give Dak time to find an open receiver, the Broncos will have a tough time beating them.

As always, I encourage you to add your own predictions for the game in our comments section below.

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Ezekiel Elliott's Big Day Pushes DAL To 2-0

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The Dallas Cowboys run game is dominant against Denver's front-7. Ezekiel Elliott scores his first TD of the year along with 130 yards on the ground. Connor Livesay – @connorx147

Cowboys 31 – Broncos 17

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Ezekiel Elliott tops 300 total yards at Mile High

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Much will be said about this Denver Broncos defense, deservedly so, but this same unit finished 28th against the run last year. While they looked better holding the Chargers to 64 yards on the ground the game script got away from LA, who needed to come back from being down 24-7 late in the game. Dallas has a much better line and , I expect them to control this game despite Trevor Siemian keeping it close. Zeke shall be fed. Christopher Waetjen – @SingForTheDay

Cowboys 27 – Broncos 22

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Elliott and the Offensive Line Lead the Way

The Dallas Cowboys build on a strong win against the New York Giants while limiting 's impact on the game. The offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott keep the team ahead of the chains allowing Dak Prescott to continue his efficient play against a top defense. The receiving options of , , Cole Beasley and will be the key to the Dallas . John Williams – @john9williams

Cowboys 24 – Broncos 14

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Underrated Defense Carries Cowboys To 2-0 Start

If the Cowboys' defense carries over their defensive dominance into this matchup, the Broncos may not even get 13. I question is which defense is better between Denver and New York, but regardless, I think our should carry us to victory. The Landry Trophy – @TheLandryTrophy

Cowboys 20 – Broncos 13

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Feed Zeke, Don´t Break

Another low-scoring game is in the works for the Dallas Cowboys. Even though the Broncos have an elite air defense, I expect this team to control the clock. Feed Zeke. The defense has a bend-but-don't-break type of game and does just enough. Boom. 2-0. Mauricio Rodriguez – @PepoR99

Cowboys 23 – Broncos 13

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Cowboys' rushing attack prevails over Broncos' defense

In back-to-back weeks the Dallas Cowboys will face a tough defense. They were able to overcome an overpaid New York Giants defense last Sunday and should be able to do so once again against the Denver Broncos. I think it will be another close game, but I don't think the Broncos D will be able to hold up against the Cowboys OL and Ezekiel Elliott for four quarters. Brian Martin – @bmart0204

Cowboys 21 – Broncos 17

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Feed Zeke

The Denver secondary should be able to give Dak Prescott and the passing attack a tough time on Sunday, but I expect the Cowboys to be able to control this game on the ground. Their running game will be the difference as each team struggles for chunk plays through the air. Dallas wins this one and gets to 2-0 on the year. Kevin Brady – @KevinBrady88

Cowboys 23 – Broncos 13

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Mile High Statement

The Broncos obviously are not the same team that won 50, but they are still formidable enough at 1-0 to give the Cowboys a chance for a statement victory that I expect them to secure. With more balance on , and a chance to hit on more big plays with Zeke Elliott, the Cowboys can put Trevor Siemian in a hole early. Oh, and this Dallas defense might just be up to the challenge as well. Sean Martin – @ShoreSportsNJ

Cowboys 28 – Broncos 14

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Giant Letdown

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The Cowboys will be riding high after getting that Giant monkey off their backs, and that will be their undoing in a road game against a great defensive team. Denver played solid, balanced offense last week and have a great home field advantage. Jess Haynie – @CowboysAddicts

Cowboys 20 – Broncos 24

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Turnovers Will be the Difference Maker

The Cowboys took the ball in week 1, and is fanatical about attacking the ball. I believe this game will come down to takeaways, and which team has the most. With Elliott able to grind the clock and Dak's low career INT total, I expect the Cowboys to win the turnover battle. Bryson Treece – @BrysonTreece

Cowboys 17 – Broncos 10

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The Broncos defense has the might to make this a long game for the Cowboys, but they also haven't faced a team like the Cowboys yet. It's an explosive offense with weapons at every position. Can Denver handle it? Can the young Cowboys? We shall see.

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