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Cowboys CB Brandon Carr Signs with Baltimore Ravens

will be taking his amazing streak of 144 consecutive starts to a new team. Carr has signed a four-year contract with the , ending a five-year run with the .

The Ravens announced the deal themselves through their official Twitter account. Since then, 's Adam Schefter has provided further contract details.

A reunion between Carr and the Cowboys seemed unlikely after Dallas signed veteran free agent Nolan Carroll. Still, some hoped that Carr might come back on a minimal deal to provide depth and insurance against 's youth and 's .

Brandon Carr leaves behind a legacy of impeccable citizenship and rare on-field reliability. He was never a star, which Dallas hoped then they signed him in 2012, but he was always solid. Carr started every game as a Cowboy, like he has since his career began with Kansas City.

Carr's best play came early on when the Cowboys still played Rob Ryan's 3-4 scheme on . He struggled, as did most of our cornerbacks, when the team move to the Cover 2 scheme. However, Carr had one of his better years last season despite turning 30-year-old.

In a somewhat fitting end for Carr after years of complaints, he will still count $2.7 million against the 2017 cap as dead money from prior contract restructuring.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Bryson Treece

I’m just shocked that it’s a 4 year deal. Reports are that options were built into it to make it more likely that it’s a 2 year deal, with options for years 3 and 4, and that makes more sense for a player who talked about retiring just two months ago. Hoped we’d retain Carr, though.

Bret Lewis

Somebody tell me the sky isn’t falling. A decimated secondary, a hole at right tackle, the Romo debacle, the Ezekiel Elliot time bomb…

Bryson Treece

The sky is not falling. Claiborne has ridden the bench as much as he’s played, and Carroll is a good match to Carr. Draft. Right tackle is fine. Cleary/Green have it covered well enough. Romo is the backup and Moore will be re-signed. Ohio prosecutor couldn’t even bring charges, it’ll be fine.

That help? haha

deal with it

suckers………….Carr was “available” & steady but 5-$50 Mil says ball hawk & we never got that outta him or Claiborne. see ya both.
I say pursue Revis as a Safety/corner (depending on the opponents) to finish his career on incentives & draft REALLY well.


Free at last, again!

Now we can upgrade RT and LCB… ;^)

Carr played well his first & last years in Dallas, lots of sub-par play in between IMO. Cowboys FA’s must have gone to Trump University, because they are scamming teams out of big $…

All except Terrance Williams, who still has to work at low-wage… ;^)

Btw, in a year or two it’s time to rework Dak’s deal before it’s up, to keep him happy. He’s minimum wage right now.

All indicators point to an impact CB in Round 1. Bring it.

Travis Diggs

We will be OK. With all the losts we can replace in the draft. Why do y’all act like we had some dominant defense over the last decade , Our line has been Non existing, Our linebackers OK , and secondary sub par, Losing Claiborne and Carr is not a big deal Depending on how we draft We will be OK I want Melinfowa from uconn or maybe the corner Teez from Florida

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