Cowboys on the Clock: Bobby Carpenter, #18 Overall

The NFL Draft is getting even closer, as Cowboys on the Clock continues into some of the highest draft selections the team has ever made. Thus, in theory, the caliber of players that we should be profiling from now until April 28th should increase.

However, that has not necessarily been the case, as we have gone through a fair share of busts over these past weeks. Today is no different, as we take a look at the team’s most recent 18th overall pick Bobby Carpenter, now just 18 days away from the 2016 draft!

Bobby Carpenter

Carpenter was an athletic and versatile linebacker prospect out of Ohio State, which drew the attention of Bill Parcells – then the Cowboys Head Coach – when Dallas went on the clock in the 2006 draft. Having formerly coached Rob Carpenter, Bobby’s father, Parcells convinced the front office to bring in Bobby Carpenter with that 18th overall pick.

Carpenter would go on to have a lackluster career in the silver and blue, never taking hold of a full-time starting position. Bobby, who was drafted at 256 pounds, was easily pushed around by blockers and was not nearly consistent enough to star in the Cowboys defense.

Bobby Carpenter started just one game in his rookie season, which was Parcells last as the team’s head coach. Carpenter would finish out his four year run in Dallas under Wade Phillips, starting a total of 3 games and recording 72 tackles in that time.

He would extend his career until 2012 with a partial season in Miami (and a reunion with Parcells) and later Detroit during 2010, before playing for the Lions again in 2011 and the Patriots in 2012.

The following players have also been selected by the Dallas Cowboys with the 18th overall pick:

Thomas Henderson, LB, 1975

Henderson was a freak of an athlete out of small school Langston University who went on to have a 5 year career with the Cowboys – winning Super Bowl XII. His drug addiction would ultimately lead to his downfall in this league with the Cowboys and later the 49ers, but Henderson will be remembered as another talented player that Dallas added in that ’75 draft along with Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Randy White.

Mike Sherrard, WR, 1986

Sherrard was just the second WR the Cowboys ever drafted in the first round, as they traded up with the 49ers to acquire the UCLA product. He would lead the team in receiving touchdowns during his rookie campaign before missing all of 1987 and 1988 with separate injuries. He would retire in 1997, winning Super Bowl XXIV with the Broncos.

Tomorrow on “Cowboys on the Clock”: 1992 First Round Pick Kevin Smith

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