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Cowboys Come Unraveled, Who Gets The Finger?



Sunday night in Arlington, Texas was supposed to be the grand opening of the greatest NFL stadium, and it was supposed to open with the Cowboys dismantling the New York Giants.

Unfortunately for us the fans and the Cowboys, things did not go as planned! So there must be someone or some people to blame right?

There are plenty of people to blame for this loss, but the finger should be pointed first and foremost at one Tony Romo!

This was by far the worst game I have ever seen him play. From the beginning he looked out of sync, and out of rhythm. Everyone will have an opinion on why, but I do not want to hear it! NO EXCUSES!

The Dallas Cowboys are not a bad football team, but they are not a contending team at this point in the season.

Tony Romo if he was not already has firmly planted his butt onto the “Hot Seat”. There is but only two ways off of that seat.

  1. Simply continue to make the same stupid plays that have plagued him his first 3 years in league, and find himself in a different uniform.
  2. Step up to the challenge, and accept nothing but perfection from himself, and lead this team.

Tony is a very likable guy, an extraordinary athlete, and the leader of the Dallas Cowboys. It is time for him to act like it!

The second person on the list of many is one that I did not see coming. Orlando Scandrick! I thought last year and heading into this year was the better of the two DB draft picks. Orlando absolutely got his ass handed to him on Sunday night.

The performance he put in on Sunday night was down right pitiful. The best comparison of his performance that I can give is to one of a Matador.

Not only was he not physical with the Giants, he looked lost and scared! We have heard all through Training camp about his “Head Knocking” prowess (just ask Roy Williams) yet when it was his chance to prove his worth in his first start, he looked like the fat kid in fifth grade that everyone picked on.

The Dallas Cowboys better change there outlook at that position and they better change it quick! Mike Jenkins is by far and away the better of the two, not only on draft status, but more importantly by his on field actions.

Through two games Mike Jenkins has heavily outplayed Orlando Scandrick, and after the performance Sunday night his confidence is shaken, and a confidence lacking corner is not what this team needs right now.

The third and final finger that I am going to point is at none other than Terrence Newman. T-New is the mentor to both Jenkins and Scandrick, let’s just hope they do not watch the film on Newman.

T-New looked slow, and on more than one occasion Lost! How you get lost in man coverage I have no idea but he was able to accomplish that feat with very little effort. Is there a Hamstring issue we were not privy to?

I have not seen T-New play that poorly since the Washington game last year when he was playing on a hurt hammy. Hopefully his play Sunday night was just an anomaly.

I am forcing myself to stay away from the edge of the cliff, after all it is only week two, but many things must change and they must change quickly.

This team played very stupid and sloppy and that is not going to get it done. The only difference between the Cowboys play on Sunday and their play at the end of last season is at least now they are not publicly making excuses! Well at least we got that going for us.

Who are you pointing the finger at?

  • Bryan Martin

    honestly my friend, it doesn’t matter who gets the blame, the games over with. What we should be focusing on is who will step up and make the plays next week to keep us on track. For that my finger points to
    4 people. Bradie James, Demarcus Ware, Tony Romo, and Marion Barber. Those are our guys and those are the people that will deliver us results next week.

  • bags030404

    Well there is the problem! tired of hearing about “next week” been hearing that crap for years now. Time the boys put their freaking work boots on and went to work! Obviously making them feel good about themselves even when they lose is not working, think its about time I started telling them what I really think about there effort.

  • Bryan Martin

    Yea but what is it going to prove? is it going to prove that we, fans who aren’t playing the game, are disappointed? guess what? they probably already know. You tell me the problem is hearing about ‘next week” but guess what bro, it’s all we got, all we can do is express what we may think needs improvement. I choose to be an optimist, because they know they screwed up. We as fans need to stop being so judgmental and perhaps a little more understanding. After all, we’re not professional athletes.

    • bags030404

      Seriously I started a blog about the Cowboys so that I had a place to vent when my team failed and a place to celebrate victory. I have been down a long and winding road with this team for 36 years, I believe I have earned the right to call them “sorry no good for nothings” when I feel that way. Do not confuse me with a bandwagon fan! I will still be here no matter what they do, but I will voice my opinion. I understand that “it’s just week two” but this crap needs to get fixed before we are saying “its only week 9”. What makes me angry about the whole thing is to watch guys continually make the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Everyone makes mistakes! making mistakes is what teaches us, but if you do not learn from your mistakes and then correct them so that it does not happen again, then well… you are a dumbass! and that is the path that Romo and the gang are traveling down.

      • Dub Burnett

        Coaching makes all the difference in the world. I also question Wade Phillips ability to lead this team to the Super Bowl. The talent is there obviously the leadership is not. This team is so talented though that you would think that someone would step up to the plate even if the coach can’t. I don’t think I have ever seen Romo place a worse game. The mistakes were so bad that you wonder if someone wasn’t bought off. I have been a big fan of these guys for many years. It would be wonderful to see some people show back up like Landry, Staubach, or Aikman. These guys played & coached with heart. They were not just competitors, they were good men. I would like to see some of the kind of ability & character that those guys displayed in some of the people on the team now. I don’t think you can blame any one person for what happened against the Giants, but a team with this type of talent that beat their rival in almost every statistic, but still managed to lose the game has something severly wrong.

  • Chasman45

    From my viewpoint: It does not matter how talented a team may be, you must have competent & disciplined coaching applied to the mix and that is just not happened since Jimmy Johnson left and consequently you can see for yourself the difference.

    I sincerely believe this Cowboy roster is talented as the 90’s Cowboys collectively, maybe you don’t have three H.O.F.’ers right now, but the potential certainly is there and that is why many from all over are shaking their heads in confusion.

    The answer? Get a real N.F.L. coach! Get one that understands that a disciplined team is a team that will not melt when the heat is on during a big division game. Put a wall of no return behind these ‘Boys back and tell them you either produce or get off my field as Jimmy would have done.

    The reason items of refinement hold up when used is that they have been put through the refining fire before they are used, this team foolishly isn’t even allowed to tackle in many instances in camp. A team that tackles is a team that is prepared and I don’t want to hear about preventing injury, the main reason injuries come is from lack of preparation. Say bye to Wade Phillips, he will never lead any team to a SB Championship.

  • Bryan Martin

    lol phillip calm down brother, I also recognize the problem and know this winding road. All i’m saying is that we gotta be careful if we’re focusing on blaming someone instead of supporting them. I mean don’t you believe that people know they screwed up? The base media does a great job destroying these people, its ok to blame and recap, but it’s more important to support the team that might need us more then we think. I love you man (in a heterosexual way) don’t get so upset, perhaps we’re just a good combination of two different minds. Good post brother!

    • bags030404

      Not angry at all Bo! Sorry if I came across that way, I am just tired of the excuses and I do not accept defeat easily! Usually takes me about a week to get back to normal after a Cowboy loss like that.

  • Bryan Martin

    I know the feeling, more poor wife has to endure that. shameful moment: I actually cried at the end of the game.

    • bags030404

      Wow brother that is bad! Grown man crying over a football game, geeze what is wrong with you? LOL

  • Bryan Martin

    don’t judge me, i know i’m pathetic.

    • bags030404

      There is no crying in football Bo!

  • Bryan Martin

    there not tears, i umm… i just, its allergies!

Dallas Cowboys

5 Points: Analyzing the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

Sean Martin



5 Points: Thoughts on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Schedule 1
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Every year around this time, sports fans everywhere are reminded of just how dominant the National Football League is. The NFL schedule release is literally just the sharing of a calendar that has little meaning until after next week's NFL Draft, but still dominates headlines both before and after the event.

If the Dallas Cowboys are going to return to the playoffs in 2018, we now know the path they will take -- beginning on September 9th in Carolina against the Panthers.

Here are five of my initial thoughts on this team's schedule.

1. "Early" Bye Week Still Later Than Recent Seasons

The Cowboys' bye week falls in week eight this season, which is certainly nothing new. This team is used to having their bye earlier in the season, but week eight is actually the latest it's been over the last three seasons.

In Dak Prescott's rookie season, the Cowboys rolled to six straight wins following their bye week - all part of a longer 11 game win streak. In 2017, the Cowboys played their final three games with Ezekiel Elliott after the bye, improving to 5-3 and inspiring hope for a salvageable season before further injuries piled up.

This season, the Cowboys will come out of their bye week to host Monday Night Football at AT&T Stadium against the Tennessee Titans.

5 Points: Thoughts on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

2. AFC South to Play A Huge Factor

Speaking of the Titans, it is the NFC East's year to face off against the AFC South. This has been an unpredictable division as of late, with the Jacksonville Jaguars emerging as early favorites following their improbable run to the AFC Championship Game.

Unlike the NFC East, the AFC South has been decided by who maintains stability at quarterback. The Colts are hoping to contend with Andrew Luck back on the field in 2018, as are the Texans with second-year QB Deshaun Watson.

The Titans overhauled their coaching staff in hopes of progressing QB Marcus Mariota further to make a run at the playoffs once again.

For the Cowboys, their meetings with the AFC South will carry extra weight - as all but one of them precedes a divisional game in some sense. Following back to back games at the Texans and home against the Jaguars, the Cowboys will visit the Redskins in week seven.

The first shot Dallas will get at the defending Super Bowl champions will be November 11th in Philadelphia, two weeks removed from their bye after facing the Titans.

Coming out of two games in 12 days through weeks 12 (Thanksgiving) and 13, the Cowboys will have little chance to come up for air against the Eagles in week 14. Their chance to regroup may come the following week, with a favorable December road game in Indianapolis against the Colts.

3. Revenge Against the Falcons

The Cowboys' week 10 game a year ago in Atlanta is truly where the 2017 season was lost. Playing without Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys looked lost on offense thanks to the added absence of All-Pro Left Tackle Tyron Smith.

The Cowboys' fight to carry on at 5-4 was buried into the Falcons' new turf, as was Dak Prescott that afternoon, sacked eight times.

Only a week removed on the calendar from meeting the Falcons on the same date, the Cowboys will again play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in week 11 this season. The chance for revenge against the Falcons will also mark the only pair of consecutive road games this 2018 Dallas Cowboys team will play.

Cowboys en Español: 3

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

4. Running Through December

The national media may not want you to know that the Cowboys are a combined 6-2 in December over the last two seasons, as this team's fabled late season collapses remain a topic of conversation.

This point also stands as a great example of why breaking down team schedules in April is often a pointless exercise, but not obsessing over every twist and turn of the NFL as a yearly hobby is no fun. According to me.

It is no secret that the Cowboys will be relying heavily on Ezekiel Elliott in 2018, expecting their star running back to suit up for 16 games and carry the offense. If you believe that Prescott and Elliott paired together full-time again is enough reason for optimism about the Cowboys, their December schedule becomes even more favorable.

Aside from playing three of the four games indoors and away from the elements, the Cowboys will face three of the worst rushing defenses in yards per game allowed from last season in December. With the Eagles being the glaring exception (leading the league in this category), the Cowboys should have their way on the ground with the Colts, Buccaneers, and Giants over their final three games.

5. Thanksgiving Tradition

For the second time in three seasons, the Dallas Cowboys will host the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys were victorious on Thanksgiving in 2016 over the Redskins, 31-26.

The Cowboys have only lost to the Redskins once on Thanksgiving, facing them a total of eight times and dropping a 2012 bout with Washington 38-31 (Robert Griffin III's rookie season with the Redskins).

Riding a four game winning streak against the Redskins, the Cowboys get to face an Alex Smith led Washington team on Thanksgiving to wrap up their first series against the NFC East. Following week 12, the Cowboys will still have meetings with the Eagles and New York Giants.

Some may look at this year's division as a two-team race, but counting absolutely any team out of an NFC East race is foolish - even more so in April.

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

By this time next week, the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to look entirely different - adding as many as ten players at the 2018 NFL Draft. Only then will we have a better feel for how they stack up against this 2018 schedule.

Stay posted right here to Inside The Star for draft coverage live from Dallas, as I will be at AT&T Stadium for all seven rounds of picks alongside Slant Sports Draft Analyst Nick Flaherty.

Tell us what you think about "5 Points: Analyzing the 2018 Dallas Cowboys Schedule" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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Player News

Cowboys TE James Hanna Retiring

Jess Haynie



James Hanna

In an unexpected bit of pre-draft news, Dallas Cowboys backup tight end James Hanna will be retiring after six seasons. He was drafted by the Cowboys in sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The news of Hanna's retirement was first reported by ESPN's Todd Archer:

Todd Archer on Twitter

The Cowboys will place James Hanna on the reserve/retired list as the tight end could not get over a serious knee condition that troubled him for most of the last two seasons, according to sources. Hanna was not involved in the early part of the team's...

Hanna, who turns 29 in July, missed all of 2016 with that knee issue and has had two surgeries. He was active for all 16 games last season but wasn't used much on offense, only having four catches. James did catch his first and only NFL touchdown in the team's Week 4 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Many thought Hanna would be a salary cap casualty this offseason, but a retirement has the same effect on the cap. The Cowboys now save $2.75 million off his scheduled $3.5 mullion cap hit in 2018.

James Hanna has stuck around this long thanks to being a proficient blocker and one of the standout players on special teams. Geoff Swaim, entering the final year of his rookie deal, will likely be trusted to fill those roles.

That said, tight end was already a targeted position for the Cowboys in next week's draft. Losing Hanna only give the team more incentive to add more talent.

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Player News

Optimistic Reports Emerge Around Randy Gregory

Mauricio Rodriguez



Randy Gregory, Eagles
Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports

Good news are coming to Dallas just in time. Less than a week from now, the NFL Draft will be held in the Cowboys' home, the AT&T Stadium. But the team may count with a defensive talent many in Cowboys Nation have tried to forget for a while now. Randy Gregory's comeback may just happen.

There's a lot of positions in the roster that need more help than the defensive end one, but after finding the "War Daddy" Jerry Jones has always wanted in DeMarcus Lawrence, finding a RDE this offseason would be a dream scenario.

Sure, there's a lot of young talent in this football team and they'll be coming off a season that put a chip on their shoulders. Even so, they'll need all the help they can get.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, some help could come in form of a very talented pass rusher. Randy Gregory is reportedly applying for reinstatement very soon and according to Mike Fisher and Bobby Belt, there are positive reports around the situation.

Bobby Belt on Twitter

Randy Gregory update: I'm told there is real momentum building. He is expected to apply for reinstatement in the week or two following next week's NFL Draft.

Cowboys Nation last saw the second round pick back in 2016, but his potential shouldn't be forgotten. Of course, the Cowboys shouldn't be considering Gregory for their 2018 plans, simply because there's risk of him not being available.

Even still, Dallas may get lucky at defensive end. After DeMarcus Lawrence has a breakout season in 2017, imagine the defensive line with Randy Gregory reinstated and rehabilitated to exploit his talent in the NFL.

mike fisher ✭ on Twitter

UPDATE: We're told Randy Gregory camp is ready to present to NFL the fact the #Cowboys DE has passed a large number of drug tests, hasn't failed one since July 2016.

Despite some TMZ "reports", it looks like Gregory has been clean for a while. It sure should make Cowboys' fans happy and not only form a football perspective. A comeback would definitely be something amazing. He has a chance to write a unique story for himself.

Everyone likes second-chance stories. Gregory is a guy who had his share of problems. By coming back to the NFL, he's showing players and fans that change is possible. This wouldn't just be epic for Dallas Cowboys fans but NFL fans in general.

If Dallas is fortunate enough to see Gregory reinstated by the NFL, their fight in the trenches might see a big upgrade next season. Randy still has a lot to work on and he might not even be a starter right away, but the potential is right there.

The Cowboys could become a team capable of dominating the line of scrimmage both on offense and on defense.

Hopefully, Gregory is able to come back and shine as a professional player. He, and NFL fans deserve a story like that.

Tell me what you think about "Optimistic Reports Emerge Around Randy Gregory" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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