When asked if the team would evaluate the position during this , gave a rare straight forward and blunt answer. “Yes”, was his response – after watching lose his eleventh straight start, and third in a row for this season.

Weeden was asked to throw 39 times against New England, completing 26 of them while failing to throw a touchdown. He also threw one interception.

According to Bleacher Insider Jason Cole, it is “highly likely” the team will start at the Giants on the 25th. However, nothing has been confirmed and Garrett has yet to make this decision.

Cassel started three games for the Vikings last season, completing 57.7% of his passes. The veteran QB does not provide a significant upgrade in downfield accuracy, as both him and Brandon Weeden have nearly identical yards per completion.

What Cassel does provide is a of winning, something Brandon Weeden has failed to do. The Cowboys are still in a win-now mentality, which is something Weeden has failed to grasp.

Cassel won ten games in New England in 2008 before leading the Chiefs to a 10 win season in 2010.

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys "Highly Likely" to Make QB Change During Bye Week

While this change would not throw off a lot of teams, as Cassel is a league veteran, it could potentially light a fire under Weeden to compete for his job back.

The competitiveness at each position was a critical point made by the during .

Brandon Weeden faced no serious threat to his backup job, as and were both underwhelming.

When the team brought in Cassel, it was a clear sign to Weeden that he must perform well in order to keep his job.