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Cowboys Have Contacted Agent For Hatcher and Spencer

There is no question that the Cowboys are in need of help in their front four but could Dallas be considering bringing back and ? According to multiple reports including Clarence Hill of the Ft Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys have been in contacts with their agent Woy. They have mentioned they are interested in retaining one or both.

Hatcher is coming off a stellar year that resulted in a trip to Hawaii but Spencer is coming off of microfracture surgery. Both of these situations bother me a bit but there is more to it than investing millions into an aging player and another coming off of major knee surgery. The cap implications will always be there as long as is running the team this way, but the bigger impact could be the .

If Dallas is seriously considering either or player then that says a lot about this draft class or it is just a smoke screen. With Jerry Jones, you never really can be too sure. Outside of Dominique Easley, there isn't another in the draft that could potentially play the way Hatcher did. Spencer was solid at the end position but again that knee is concerning and this to step away from putting serious cash into aging players.

If either one of these two players returns it may come at the cost of but if that is indeed the case I won't shed a tear. This team is filled with aging players with ridiculous contracts and not enough production.

Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn is the founder and creator of Valley Ranch Outsiders. His work has been seen on, FanSided, Yahoo and Blue Star Times. He is an avid Cowboys fan and NFL Draft analyst. He currently hosts a podcast about the Dallas Cowboys.

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