Cowboys CTK: #1 Belongs To Rafael Septien*

Merry Dallas Cowboys Football Eve!

Tonight when we crawl into bed the Santa Claus of football will bring presents to all of us in the forms of pigskin and hot wings. Santa will hopefully bookend the season for the Dallas Cowboys as they hope to end the season in Santa Clara, California at Super Bowl 50.

With just 1 day left until the Cowboys play the Giants it seems like we should continue the tradition that we’ve done for 98 straight days, right? Or should we just give up now and go home early?

Like Dez Bryant reaching for a touchdown we never give up! Please allow me to present to you, the Greatest 1 in Dallas Cowboys History.

The Following Players Have All Worn 1 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Kerry Brady, K
  • Efren Herrera, K
  • Mat McBriar, P
  • Rafael Septien, K
  • Ken Willis, K

Entering 1978 the Dallas Cowboys found themselves in need of a kicker. They had traded fellow #1 Efren Herrera to the Seattle Seahawks after a contract dispute, so the position was wide open.

There was a gentleman who hailed from Mexico City that impressed them during his tryout, particularly at kickoffs, and he was signed, sealed, and delivered! The Greatest 1 in Dallas Cowboys History’s career with the club had begun.

#1: Rafael Septien

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: #1 Belongs To Rafael Septien

Septien would lead the NFL in extra points both in the 1978 and 1980 seasons. His finest season as a Cowboy came in 1981 when he made a league-leading 27 field goals. His performance was noted among his peers as he was voted to that season’s Pro Bowl and as a First-Team All-Pro.

Playing from 1978-1986 Rafael Septien kicked a lot of field goals. He has made more from distances of 20-29, 30-39, and 40-49 yards than anybody else in Dallas Cowboys History. Most notably, Rafael is the current all-time leading kicker in Dallas Cowboys History with 162 total field goals made.

The foot of Rafael Septien is pretty cherished in Dallas Cowboys History as overall he is responsible for 874 points made – the second most in Dallas Cowboys History. Rafael’s Cowboy career produced a lot of points, but the final point is that he is the Greatest 1 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to complete our Countdown To Kickoff series!

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Editor’s Notes: Some fans are aware of Mr. Septien’s troubled past and the events that ultimately ended his career. This is not a tabloid site so it won’t be covered here. But suffice it to say this is a football site and his on the field performance while wearing this squad number statistically surpassed any others, and those stats are the basis for this selection.

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