Cowboys CTK: Jerry Rhome Tops #13

Manic Monday wishing it were Sunday, indeed. We’re all sitting here wishing that today was Sunday, 13 days from now, when the Dallas Cowboys will host the New York Giants in a Week 1 clash.

To hold you off just a little bit longer until then we’re going to continue our Countdown To Kickoff series that you love so much (yea, you in the back!). Today we’re discussing the Greatest 13 in Dallas Cowboys History.

The Following Players Have All Worn 13 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Anthony Armstrong, WR
  • Lyle Leong, WR
  • Jerry Rhome, QB
  • Mike Vanderjagt, K
  • Lucky Whitehead*, WR

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

The Dallas Cowboys took a quarterback in the 1964 NFL Draft that helped the franchise compete at a very competitive level throughout the 1970s. They used a “futures pick” on him, seeing as he still had one more year of eligibility. That player would go on to become the Greatest 13 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Jerry Rhome

When Jerry Rhome arrived to Dallas in 1965 the Cowboys were already set at the quarterback position with Don Meredith and Craig Morton. He did manage to get one start in against the Cleveland Browns, a contest that the Cowboys lost 23-17.

Altogether Jerry Rhome spent four years as a Cowboy QB accumulating 496 yards and 1 passing touchdown in that time.

#13: Jerry Rhome

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Jerry Rhome Tops #13

As you can see the list of 13s isn’t exactly long in the tooth throughout Dallas Cowboys History. There are a lot of hopeful fans that the current 13, Lucky Whitehead, can make this roster and prove to be impactful during the 2015 season. Perhaps when we do this list 10 years from now his name will dominate the number.

For now the Cowboy 13 belongs to someone else. After all, when Roger Staubach finally joined the Cowboys Jerry Rhome asked to be traded. He was sent to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a 3rd round draft choice.

That pick would become the Greatest 41 in Dallas Cowboys History, Charlie Waters… who helped the Cowboys compete at a high level throughout the 1970s.

Here’s to the Greatest 13 in Dallas Cowboys History – Jerry Rhome.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 12 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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