Cowboys CTK: Lance Rentzel Catches #19

Tank Top Tuesday!

The summer is winding down so the opportunities to show your guns in those tank tops are rapidly diminishing. Take every chance you get!

As fall approaches so does the 2015 Dallas Cowboys football season, we are now 19 days away from it! As is usual around here we are continuing our Countdown To Kickoff series with the Greatest 19 in Dallas Cowboys History. Let’s get to it!

The Following Players Have All Worn 19 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Lance Alworth^, WR
  • Miles Austin, WR
  • John Jett, P
  • Keyshawn Johnson, WR
  • Clint Longley, QB
  • David Porter*, WR
  • Lance Rentzel, WR
  • Kevin Sweeney, QB

^Pro Football Hall of Famer

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

During the 1960s the shotgun of the Dallas Cowboys offense was loaded with a bullet… Bob Hayes. Opposite of him there was an equally lethal offensive weapon who donned the number 19 while catching passes from Dandy Don. Who was he, you ask? Only the Greatest 19 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Lance Rentzel

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Lance Rentzel Catches #19 1The Minnesota Vikings have a former University of Oklahoma running back on their roster who people think is pretty good at football. In the 1965 NFL Draft they took another Sooner ball carrier by the name of Lance Rentzel.

After two years things weren’t working out with Rentzel and the Vikings figured that they might as well get something for him, so they traded him to the Dallas Cowboys.

With the Bullet in the chamber the Cowboys got themselves a samurai sword on the other side in Rentzel. The 6’2” 202 lb. wideout complimented Bob Hayes perfectly and became quite the target for quarterback Don Meredith.

Yards, Touchdowns, And Everything Else

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Lance Rentzel Catches #19 2

Rentzel started off hot in Dallas catching 58 passes for 996 yards and 8 touchdowns in his first Cowboy season… which ended in the infamous Ice Bowl.

He crossed the 1,000 yard mark in 1968, but his finest season came in the fall of 1969.

Lance caught only 43 passes, but for a league-leading 12 touchdowns and 22.3 yards per reception.

#19: Lance Rentzel

The Dallas Cowboys had one of the more prolific offenses in the late 60s. People remember the big plays of Bob Hayes, but the unit as a whole largely revolved around Lance Rentzel on the other side.

In just four seasons Lance caught 183 passes for 3,521 yards and 31 touchdowns during his time in Dallas. That math comes out to a poetic 19.2 yards per reception over his career, which helps reaffirm the case that Lance Rentzel is the Greatest 19 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 18 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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