Cowboys CTK: Randy Hughes Picks Off #42

Sunday Funday! Welcome to another installment in our Countdown To Kickoff series here at Inside The Star. With training camp fully underway for the 2015 Dallas Cowboys all sights are set for success. It seems as if a lot of that is on the menu for these Cowboys with all the hype that surrounds the ‘Boys. That hype will be put to the test in exactly 42 days when the New York Giants come to town, and to get ourselves properly prepared we’re going to look back and discuss the Greatest 42 in Dallas Cowboys History.

The Following Players Have All Worn 42 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Barry Church*, FS
  • Darryl Clack, RB
  • Ricky Easmon, CB
  • Troy Hambrick, RB
  • Anthony Henry, CB
  • Randy Hughes, SS
  • Don McIlhenny, RB
  • Jimmy Ridlon, FS
  • Stan Smagala, CB
  • Chris Warren, RB
  • Claxton Welch, RB
  • A.D. Whitfield, RB
  • Charlie Williams, CB
  • Robert Wilson, RB

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

Throughout our Countdown To Kickoff series I have made many references to the “Dirty Dozen” draft class of 1975. The Greatest 68, 67, 56 runner-up, and Co-54 have all risen from that 1975 draft to make it on this list. 42 is no different, so pretend that I’m pulling back a curtain and fireworks are going off…

Randy Hughes

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Randy Hughes

This 42 drew many comparisons to the Greatest 43 in Dallas Cowboys History, Cliff Harris, as soon as he strapped on his Cowboys boots. Hughes played mostly in nickel formations and backed up safeties Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters.

Super Bowl XII was perhaps the finest hour for Randy Hughes as he recorded 5 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, and an interception.

#42: Randy Hughes

While he only played 6 seasons in the blue and silver Randy Hughes was a significant part of the rotation for Doomsday. While Harris and Waters are regarded as one of the greater safety tandems in NFL history, it was very important to have a proper backup in place for them.

Hughes totaled 9 interceptions in his 6 seasons and earned a Super Bowl ring while in Dallas. His resume is impressive enough to have also earned him the Greatest 42 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 41 in Dallas Cowboys History is!


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