Cowboys CTK: Steve Pelluer Comes In At #16

Happy Friday, everyone!

You’ve earned today. It’s the end of the week and I’m sure you’ve got plans to go scope out some new tailgating gear and hook up your new tv to get ready for the season! We’re just 16 days away now from kickoff against the New York Giants and it can NOT get here soon enough!

Our Countdown To Kickoff series has it’s sweet 16 today so I hope that you bought it a car. Get in, buckle up, and let’s roll with the Greatest 16 in Dallas Cowboys History.

The Following Players Have All Worn 16 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Chris Boyd, WR
  • Damon Hodge, WR
  • Jesse Holley, WR
  • A.J. Jenkins*, WR
  • Ryan Leaf, QB
  • Steve Pelluer, QB
  • Vinny Testaverde, QB

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

If you’ve ever read 1984 then you know all about big brother. Hopefully you watch the show Big Brother like me and are celebrating the return of Johnny Mac!

1984 is special today because it brought the Greatest 16 in Dallas Cowboys History to the franchise via the NFL Draft. In the 5th round (113th overall) Tom Landry and Co. picked themselves a University of Washington quarterback by the name of Steve Pelluer.

Steve Pelluer

Pelluer first introduced himself to Cowboy fans in 1985 in a game against the New York Giants. With starter Danny White and backup Gary Hogeboom (one of the greatest last names ever, by the way) injured with the NFC East on the line… it was time for Steve to shine.

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Steve Pelluer Comes In At #16
The most well-known #16 in Cowboys fans memories might be Vinny Testaverde, but he lost out to Steve Pelluer in our CTK rankings.

Steve managed the rest of the game as the Cowboys locked up another division championship. Huzzah, Steve!

After Hogeboom was traded (and somebody else was lucky enough to boast his name on their team) in 1986, Pelluer became the primary backup to Danny White.

When #11 went down for the season in Week 9, it was Pelluer time yet again.

Steve actually dropped 2,727 yards and 8 passing touchdowns over that whole season.

Steve Pelluer overtook Danny White in Week 10 of the 1987 season, but his real starting gig happened in 1988. Pelluer made the start in 14/16 games that year, passing for 3,139 yards and 17 touchdowns in Michael Irvin’s rookie season.

#16: Steve Pelluer

Danny White is remembered as the icon of the 1980s for Dallas Cowboys fans, but for a short time Steve Pelluer commanded America’s Team and had some brief success doing it. Pelluer actually holds two special distinctions in Dallas Cowboys History:

  • Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin’s first career touchdown was thrown by Steve Pelluer
  • Steve Pelluer was the last quarterback to start and win a game for a team coached by Pro Football Hall of Famer Tom Landry

Today we add one more distinction to Steve Pelluer’s career – the Greatest 16 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 15 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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