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Cowboys CTK: Super Bowl Hero James Washington Takes #37

Welcome one and all, to football season.

Two days from now we are going to have an NFL game to watch. Yes, really. From that moment on we will have NFL action every week from now through the rest of 2015. COMMENCE CELEBRATION!

Before we get too worked up remember that it’s Friday and you have to finish your day at work. We also have to finish 37 more days before the Cowboys take on the Giants in the first regular season matchup of the season. Dial the excitement back up as we continue our series with the Greatest 37 in .

The Following Players Have All Worn 37 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Phil Clark, CB
  • Perry Lee Dunn, RB
  • Abram Elam, FS
  • Jim Jensen, FB
  • , SS
  • Bryan McCann, S
  • Dennis Morgan, RB
  • C.J. Spillman, S
  • Ike Thomas, CB
  • , SS
  • Gerald White, RB
  • Tyrone Williams, CB

, the number one overall pick in 1989, was drafted out of bright and sunny UCLA. He joined the Cowboys and revolutionized the offensive side of the ball. One year later in 1990 one of his former Bruin teammates joined the team and helped revamp the defensive side of the ball.

James Washington

When James Washington was around you knew it, because he was going to hit you with everything that he had. During his time in Dallas, Washington became known as one of the hardest hitting safeties in the NFL.

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Super Bowl Hero James Washington Takes #37

Washington started at both positions for four out of his five years as a Cowboy (he lost the starting gig in 1993 with the emergence of new Ring of Honor member, ). In each of the four years that he started (1990, 1991, 1992, 1994) James led the team in interceptions.

Super Bowl Hero

The Dallas Cowboys took on the for a second straight time in XXVIII. James Washington made the start at and wound up making an enormous impact.

The Buffalo Bills came out swinging in the first half, so much so that the Cowboys felt a bit demoralized heading into the locker room at the break trailing 13-6. Three plays into the second half Thurman Thomas fumbled, and James Washington picked it up and took it all the way to the house… tying the game.

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Super Bowl Hero James Washington Takes #37 1

This was a huge turning point as it completely shattered all of the confidence that the Buffalo Bills had. They had lost three consecutive Super Bowls to this point, and the momentum gained by Washington’s scoop and score gave them a “oh no…not again” vibe.

#37: James Washington

James Washington helped the Dallas Cowboys win back-to-back Super Bowls in the early 1990s. He established a high level of authority both in his physicality and as Washington served as the defensive signal caller.

The triplets get a lot of the credit for the success of those Cowboys, as they rightfully should, but the playmakers on the defensive side of the ball were critical to everything that they accomplished. James Washington was an essential piece of the puzzle that came together for the Cowboys, and he is a piece of our Countdown To Kickoff puzzle as he is the Greatest 37 in Dallas .

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 36 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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RJ Ochoa
RJ Ochoa
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