Cowboys CTK: Toni Fritsch Kicks Through #15

Greetings, Saturday! Good to see you! You seem to fly by faster than any other day of the week. If you and the fourteen days behind you could go ahead and warp speed yourselves out of my way, we’d be at Dallas Cowboys football.

That’s right, everybody. 15 days from now the New York Giants come to town for the regular season opener; right after Carrie Underwood serenades us all with the Sunday Night Football anthem.

I leave you all with one choice. You can either watch me in my own rendition of Carrie’s of the tune or you can scroll on down and check out the Greatest 15 in Dallas Cowboys History.

My outfit is better than Carrie’s, for what it’s worth.

The Following Players Have All Worn 15 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Cornell Burbage, WR
  • Toni Fritsch, K
  • Andre Holmes, WR
  • Manuel Johnson, WR
  • Babe Laufenberg, QB
  • Michael Spurlock, WR
  • Devin Street*, WR

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

In 1971 Dallas Cowboys scouts were on the hunt for a soccer-style kicker. This was becoming the new thing in the NFL, and the Cowboys needed to get themselves a futbol footballer.

During a European tour the Cowboys scouts stumbled across an Austrian striker for Rapid Vienna. They knew they had to have that foot. Even though he hardly spoke English, the Greatest 15 in Dallas Cowboys History struck (pun intended, shabam!) a deal with America’s Team as an undrafted free agent.

Toni Fritsch

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys CTK: Toni Fritsch Kicks Through #15

The fantastic foot of Austria known as Toni Fritsch made his Cowboy debut against the St. Louis Cardinals on November 7th, 1971. He kicked not one, not two, but a hat trick’s worth of field goals in the contest… including the game-winner!

Even though Fritsch went 43/43 on extra points made in 1973, his most productive season with the Cowboys came in 1975.

He led the NFL in field goals attempted with 35 and converted 22 of them successfully, tying for the lead league in field goals made with Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jan Stenerud.

#15: Toni Fritsch

Field goals fewer than 30 yards were Toni Fritsch’s specialty. Over his Cowboy career he was 27/29 from field goals between 20 and 29 yards, and he was a perfect 19/19 of field goals 19 yards and under.

The Austrian native was a part of some great Cowboy teams during the 70s and accomplished enough individually to earn the title of the Greatest 15 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 15 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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