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Cowboys Cut Terrell Owens

The Dallas Cowboys have released wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Bryson Treece



Cowboys Blog - Cowboys Cut Terrell Owens

According to Michael Smith at ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys released Terrell Owens Wednesday night. The Cowboys have yet to confirm the move, though staff writers at are sharing this same report. This seems to indicate that they haven't heard anything to the contrary.

This is a shocking move, although not a totally unexpected one. Speculation has been running rampant since December when reports surfaced about dissension in the locker room, and it all seems to swirl around Owens.

Should the report be true, the Cowboys will still suffer a hit to the cap very similar to what would have been spent with Owens still on the roster. It has been presumed that cutting him would make less sense given his production level and that $9 million would count against this seasons cap with or without him.

We'll have to wait until morning most likely for official word out of Valley Ranch, but it looks as though the poll on was dead on target. The question? Who will be the number 1 receiver next year for Dallas, 78% voted that T.O. would be the number 1 over Roy Williams. Not now.

DMN is reporting that T.O. has been notified officially of his release by team officials.

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  • Bryson Treece

    I think he’ll be fine, he is a good receiver and without Owens things get better for Williams. Less worry about spreading the ball around, and more focus on him in practice and training camp, he should get more than enough reps now to get into a groove with Romo. Plus, he’ll be Romo’s number one receiver, which usually helps.

    I don’t like paying so much for nothing out of the cap, but it does show that maybe Jerry has some idea of how to regain some chemistry in the locker room. Also means that Miles Austin and Crayton are back to battling for the number 2 spot. I’d be comfortable with Williams and Austin leading the way.

  • Bryson Treece

    lmao … I hear ya man. JJ had me fooled too. not sure why he approaches everything in football like one would a poker game, but this time it might work out for us. I liked TO and wanted him to stay, but there were advantages to be gained whether he stayed or not.

  • Joe C

    Yeah I haven’t figured out if this is a good move or bad. I guess in the end it comes down to, do you really think R.E. Williams can hold up to being number 1? Guess we will see :-

  • Joe C

    Yeah guess I am still just in shock over this lol, I hate people who beat around the bush on things. If you can tell me straight up don’t tell me at all, fuck you jerry, fuck you. And yeah maybe shit will come together now for us “chemistry” wise.


  • prime21

    i never thought anything could happen that would make me(a life long cowboy fan) start hating the dallas cowboys…especially jerry jones for obviously listenin to his son,espn,ed werner, and jason garrett and release TO….but after what has happend this offseason so far and now this, i am really thinking about not being a cowboy fan…i cant believe this but i actually hope TO signs with the giants and comes back to haunt jerry and his stupid son and dances on the star after his tds and most likely a giants victory…….i am sick to my stomach

  • Bryan Martin

    I just gotta think, with sam hurd and miles austin likely gone, where is our depth going to come from. Its unrealistic to hope for someone like Anquan Boldin….. But let me dream!

  • Andrew Lanford

    The only good side to this is hopefully the Giants and Redskins will not have the money left to go after him after all their early spending.

  • Craig

    This is a great day. T.O. and Roy gone in the same day. Not even talking about the lockerroom stuff, this frees up our offense a ton. We can actuall yuse the other talent on the team now, because it was very apparent that we wouldn’t so long as he was here to complain every time he didn’t get the ball thrown to him as much as he wanted. Maybe this will help with some of the foolish mistakes we’ve seen from Romo.

  • Bryson Treece

    Hey Bryan … did I miss something with Austin? No team is going to give up that much to get him, he’s a restricted free agent, remember, and the Cowboys tendered him with like $1.5 million and a 2nd round pick.

    Austin will be here and get more reps without TO around.

  • Scorpion

    Great day for the Cowboys! T.O. is a great individual player but NOT a great team player, and this is a team sport. I’m glad to see management start the effort to “clean up” this team with this release and the release of Pacman. You people talk about what a mistake it is to let him go but we still haven’t accomplished our goals WITH HIM any better than we did without him, and that is to win a playoff game. His six catches in two playoff games didn’t impress me too much. Did it you? Best of luck to Roy and T.O. in the future. No hard feelings, just definately time for both of you to go. Good moves, JJ. So glad your the gm instead of so many of these T.O. “homers” who can’t see the forest for the trees!

  • Bryson Treece

    Yeah, splitting Felix wide on occasion is something the coaches have already mentioned, think they did it once last year???

    Austin is still much of a risk to get big money anywhere, and the Cowboys have stuck by him so far. Plus he now gets to push for more opportunity than has been available the last few years without TO. If I were him, I’d be happy to stay in Dallas for 1.5 mil.

    It will probably be another week before and RFA’s start getting attention, but then we’ll see if anyone is interested.

  • Tay

    So everyone is just as happy as a pig in slop that the big bad team killing Terrell Owens is now gone. Let all the media types and “die hard” Cowboy fans gather at the entrance to Valley Ranch and sing kumbaya while joined hand in hand slowly rocking from side to side…..
    After the love fest ends, then maybe one of those gathered can explain just what this offense will do without a #1 reciever and no replacement in sight?
    For all the irrational ones out there, lets break this down….Miles Austin is not, I repeat IS NOT going to be our savior. While the guy has speed, he has nothing else. He is a “china doll” pretty to look at, but will break at any given moment. Patrick Crayton, well we all know he is no better than a #3. Sam Hurd could not even beat out Austin for the #3 last offseason. Isiah Stanbeck, a bigger Mile Austin, enough said. Before it is even said, Witten is a Tight End for a reason, if he is our leading reciever then we are in serious trouble. Plus all those middle of the field routes he runs where he is wide open are effectively gone now. The safety that would normally role over the top of T.O. will now be sitting back there just waiting for Witten…. As for roy Williams, until he proves to NFL defensive coordinators that he is a force to be reckoned with, he will not put any fear in opposing defense’s hearts.

    So what now, you can’t trade for a guy or sign one. There is no salary cap room and by this stage no one left in free agency. The draft is a crap shoot at best. Any more bright ideas????

  • Bryan Martin

    I think that Austin Miles will see other oppurtunities in other places, but i hope he doesn’t land the money. He’s a Speedy intriguing young wide reciever, in a league where veteran recievers are becoming a little too selfish…he’s a decent option for most….but i guess all things considered he should be back in Big D.

    Option to think about- Splitting out felix jones as a wide out…

  • Face(DBoyZ)

    WE NEED T.O. Jerry Jones is a idiot. We need to resign him n maybe look for a new QB
    But I will always be a cowboys fan not a bandwagon fan like half tha ppl talkin im not a DBoy fan

  • Bryson Treece

    Come on guys … You’re looking at Roy all wrong. What if you were forced to be perfect the first day on a new job?

    Last year was messed up, which messed Roy up for a few games. Owens wanting the ball more and all that stink messed up some more. As the top guy, he’ll get in sync with Romo, especially with Kitna helping Romo understand the guy better.

    I don’t know if he’ll be a bust or not … but 2008 is the worst example to base your opinion on where Williams is concerned. He’ll produce in 2009, but it won’t matter if Garrett doesn’t utilize the other players right. Even TO got shut down because teams knew he was the target.

    It’ll only take two or three games for Roy to be dominant and the other teams we play will pay more attention. Besides, with that constant double coverage from TO, we can get different looks and expose different things, it’s no longer only about the match up a defense gives us, now we can have some control over that as well.

  • Big Terrible Texas

    That was one of the worse moves we could’ve made there is nobody that demands the respect that owens does he made the offense click because of the threat of him scoring now I like roy and dreams of those 2 causing major problems for other teams but now we have a # 1 1/2 and the rest 3’s at best

  • mike

    The release of Roy Williams came as no surprise to anyone . It was a matter of when not if. Besides being a liability in coverage, his cap number was high. I believe the Cowboys will save about 2mil in cap space with his release. Half of that will be used to cover the extra cap hit from the release of T.O. Whether you agree or not with the release, you have to admit that there should be far less drama on the team this year. The players not longer in that locker room- Pacman, Tank, Roy and T.O. were lightning rods for the press. I personally hope that these moves along with the signing of some character guys recently mean that Jerry believes that talent alone does not make a winner. A class act always wins.

  • Ray Lopiparo

    Horrible move. 1st of all this counts against our cap space, we lose a great player and probably have made an even bigger rift in our team. Roy Williams had 19 catches for 180 yards and 1 TD in 10 games he doesn’t deserve to be starter and butterfingers Crayton isnt going to take any pressure off of him.

  • Bryson Treece

    Well said Scorpion. Sure, we could find good points for him staying, but he’s not, so let’s focus on the good points of him leaving.

  • Scorpion

    Yea…T.O. was a force to reckon with last year….what…8 games with 40 yards or less? He’s 30 something…time to give more playing time to the younger guys and see what they have…besides, how much longer did you think T.O. was going to play in this league? He’s old and on the downhill side of his career and he will no longer be in the heads, (and screwing them up) of half the team.

  • Shaun Wellman

    Very good point Bryson……

  • prime21

    how can one man supposedly be so disruptive to a team of grwn *ss men…all the the idots just love making TO the scapegoat for everything….OR MAYBE IT WAS ALL TO`S FAULT…..

    In his first season and first playoff game with the Cowboys it was Terrell Owens who fumbled away an easy snap that would’ve guaranteed a victory over the Seattle Seahawks, which would have put them into a game against the eventual NFC champion Chicago Bears
    In the year after in the playoffs it was apparently Terrell Owens who stopped short on his route and watched a sure touchdown throw fall harmlessly on to the turf in the last seconds at home against the eventual super bowl champion New York Giants.
    In his last season with the Cowboys, since he was cut today, it is apparent Owens is at fault for not signing a backup quarterback who could throw the football farther than twenty yards, and being a part of a defensive unit that allowed record setting back to back eighty plus yard runs in a game they had locked up. This same game would’ve guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs. In his last game as a member of the Cowboys he also played the worst game of his life as a quarterback, not to mention anchoring a defense which allowed the Philadelphia Eagles offense to put up 44 points

  • Joe C

    good shit prime21

  • Big Terrible Texas

    100% agree with you prime 21 blame T.O for everything. He’s a easy target Romo NEVER makes mistakes Jason Garrett Never makes mistakes its all T.O’s fault for the cowboys failures PLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE !!!!!!!!

  • Bryson Treece

    You know, I’d have to agree with that sentiment … PLEASE!!!

    It doesn’t matter if Owens was the only problem because we all know he wasn’t.

    What does matter is that he did make mistakes, he did give up on routes toward the end of the season. He did say things he shouldn’t have said. It’s one thing to say all the stuff about wanting the ball and good things happening when does, I agree with what he said on that. But when he told Sanders all that stuff about Garrett, he kind of asked to be fired.

    I mean hell, do you go to work, stand on top of your desk, and tell everyone there that your boss, a guy, wears high heels and pantyhose when he’s in is his office? Not if you want to keep your job.

    So like I said, debating the merits of Owens being cut isn’t worth it, it all comes down to what is done is done. Let’s try to focus on what can be done now.

  • Scorpion

    Good reply, Bryson. Prime21….I guess it was just a “coincidence” about what happened in San Fransisco and Philly when T.O. was a member of the team? I’m sure his departure from those teams was other people’s fault as well. Seems there are alot of “grown men” and teams that had a problem with your boy. I find it funny that nearly all the teams in the league don’t want to take a chance on this guy but you defend him to the bitter end. I guess all those football people and teams don’t know what they are talking about.

    Prediction: Someone will give him a chance. He will be a good boy for the first year,then the whining and crying will start in the second year. I’m sure it will be because his QB isn’t good enough to showcase his talents and he will tell the world about it. Sound familar? 3 for 3. San Fran, Philly and Dallas. The only question is, who will be #4.

    Our offense will be fine next year. Decent to good line, excellent RB’s, and a good young QB who is getting experience from each game. Does he through too many interceptions. Absolutely! But with another year or two, he will be fine. Our remaining WR’s can get the job done for us.

    Philly’s offense seems to be just fine without T.O. and the perceived lack of quality at WR that they currently have. They seem to be able to generate enough offense to make it to the title game.


Game Notes

SEA 24, DAL 13: Cowboys Offensive Woes Continue

Jess Haynie



Ezekiel Elliott, Connor Williams, Seahawks
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Inefficient passing and turnovers cost the Dallas Cowboys today, leading to a 24-13 loss to the previously winless Seahawks in Seattle.

Dallas's offense produced just a single field goal by halftime, with Dak Prescott only completing two of his first nine passes for just four yards. He got better as the game went on, but still finished with just 168 passing yards and a single touchdown.

The box score will say Prescott threw two interceptions, but one was a bobbled catch by Michael Gallup. The other was not a good throw, trying to find Blake Jarwin in traffic. Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner went up and caused a tipped ball.

Both picks ended up in the hands, and ankle, of Seattle safety Earl Thomas. He drew a taunting penalty for bowing at the Dallas sideline on his second INT, almost as if mocking the team for not giving up enough to trade for him.

Ezekiel Elliott did have a big day on the ground; 127 yards on just 16 carries. It's his first 100-yard game of 2018. But the fact Dallas couldn't capitalize on Zeke's production was just further indication of their offensive dysfunction.

Hurry home, Travis Frederick. Who knew you were our Offensive MVP?

Other Notes

  • While Zeke did have a strong rushing performance, two critical errors were big parts of the Cowboys' loss. An early TD catch was called back because Zeke stepped out of bounds before making the reception. Also, Elliott's fumble in the 4th quarter squandered a strong drive that could have started Dallas' comeback attempt sooner.
  • Dallas' defense looked good early but clearly wore down over time. Seattle RB Chris Carson ground out 102 rushing yards on 32 carries. Russell Wilson took advantage of some miscues in the secondary for two touchdown passes and 192 passing yards.
  • Tyrone Crawford got called for another bogus "roughing the passer" penalty after a clean hit on Wilson early in the game. The NFL has to get this figured out, because it's becoming a bigger eyesore for the league than any amount of kneeling ever did.
  • Tavon Austin got his second touchdown catch this year, the only Cowboy to record a receiving TD so far this year. Tight end Geoff Swaim had five catches for 47 yards, reminding the world that Dallas actually has TEs on their roster.
  • Speaking of which, as Troy Aikman commented on during the game, Rico Gathers was not used in redzone passing situations. Why is Gathers dressing for games and not being utilized in the one situation where he's not a liability?
  • Sean Lee left the game after reaggravating the hamstring injury he suffered last week. It meant more playing time for first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch, who reminded you of Lee with how he was getting to the ball. Both finished the game credited with 11 tackles each.
  • Rookie guard Connor Williams continues to struggle when up against powerful defensive tackles. It's not a surprise for a converted college tackle, but growing pains still cost you on game day. Dallas may have to consider starting Joe Looney at guard once Travis Frederick comes back.
  • Kicker Brett Maher went 2/2 today on field goals, including a 50-yarder. He has hit four straight after missing his one attempt against Carolina in Week 1.
  • The rest of the NFC East won their games today. That puts Philly and Washington at 2-1 and now evens up the Cowboys and Giants at 1-2.
  • Dallas returns home next week to host the Detroit Lions, who are currently 0-2. They play the Patriots tonight.

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Game Notes

Why The Seahawks Will Be Looking Into A Mirror Against The Cowboys Sunday

Kevin Brady



Sean's Scout: Starting Front 7 Sets Tone Early, Cowboys Depth Falters in Loss to Bengals 1
AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

For the better part of the last decade one defense has reigned supreme over the NFC. One defense has continually put their offense and team in position to win big games, including a dominant Super Bowl win over one of the more productive offenses in recent memory.

That defense, of course, belonged to the Seattle Seahawks.

With a secondary deemed as the "Legion of Boom" and a defensive line which rotated through Pro Bowl level talent routinely, the Seahawks bolstered one of the best defenses the NFL has ever seen. A defense which perfectly complimented the physical, run first philosophy their offense lived by.

Players like Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Bobby Wagner will arguably be Hall of Famers one day, and they wreaked havoc on the conference for a strong 3-5 year stretch.

Now, however, things are changing.

Gone are many of the elite players which once bolstered the Seattle defense to top-tier status, and while some big names remain, the talent level simply isn't the same. The Seahawks missed the postseason a year ago, and now sit at 0-2 before their home opener today against the Cowboys.

Their window looks to be closed, while their opponent today is looking to build their defense (and team) in the mold of what once was in Seattle.

Former Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard has come to Dallas and brought with him a more aggressive defensive philosophy, one which he deployed successfully with the Seahawks. Under Richard the Cowboys are blitzing more often on third down than they have in the past under Rod Marinelli, they're utilizing more single high safety looks, and they are allowing their long and talented corners to do what they do best in coverage.

The Seahawks once leaned on a deep pass rush and long, physical secondary. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

The Seahawks once leaned on a mobile quarterback to make plays with his feet while relying on a strong running game and one of the league's best backs. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie look like they were molded in a 2013-Seahawks lab as cornerbacks, and DeMarcus Lawrence is as productive as any pass rusher those defenses had. Of course, we aren't able to say the Cowboys have the consistent front four depth that those Seattle teams did or that they have the single high safety of Earl Thomas' caliber, but the preliminary pieces are clearly in place.

Today the Cowboys look to improve to 2-1 with a conference road win. But, they also look to bury the Seahawks in the past and take another step towards cementing themselves as one of the elite defenses in the NFC.

It won't happen over night, but anyone can see that the potential is there.

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Player News

Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?

Sean Martin



Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle Maliek Collins is out for Sunday's game at the Seahawks with a sprained knee, further opening the door for Datone Jones to earn his spot among the "Hot Boyz". The moniker given to the Cowboys front seven this season, the team's depth up front has been a strength in totaling nine sacks through two games.

Last season, Datone Jones was a part of this rotation late in the year. Coming on strong at the 3T position while Maliek Collins played at the 1T, Jones is the type of versatile defender with veteran experience that Rod Marinelli can get the most out of.

Returning from a knee injury himself, Jones may take some time to be the disruptive interior player we saw at the end of 2017. Through two games, the Cowboys had played Collins at his original position of 3T, with Antwaun Woods doing more than enough to continue playing at 1T.

This potentially makes Collins and Jones two players fighting for one spot. Collins followed up his performance at the Panthers with a sack of Cam Newton by constantly playing in the Giants' backfield last week.

John Owning on Twitter

Guessing that means no Irving, I'd say Tyrone Crawford then Antwaun Woods. I have high hopes for Datone Jones once he returns though.

A player determined to not let his team's misuse slow down his progress, after an incredible rookie season at 3T, Collins is returning from his second broken foot in three years.

Through his five years in the NFL, Jones has only played a full 16 games once.

The most games Datone has started in a season is four. Maliek Collins should like his chances of playing over Jones once both are healthy, and the Cowboys should be equally thrilled with the opportunity to keep both fresh in rotation.

Following Sunday's game in Seattle and next week against the Lions, the Cowboys can return David Irving from suspension to play all over their defensive line - his best position also being at three technique.

Without the wealth of talent they now have at all four positions up front, the Cowboys have had too many bodies to fill similar roles in the past. Thanks to the addition of Kris Richard along with strong edge play from Taco Charlton and rookie Dorance Armstrong, the Cowboys defensive line can do no wrong in 2018, and using Jones in week three and beyond should only add to this.

The Cowboys biggest key to success against the Seahawks will be containing Russell Wilson. Pressuring him in his face to collapse the pocket gives Dallas a chance to really slow the Seahawks offense, something they'll be relying on Jones to help them do as DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory also work with favorable match ups at defensive end.

Tell us what you think about "Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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