Cowboys “D” Stands Tall Only To Watch “O” Give It Away!

Fifty two minutes of absolute glory followed quickly by eight minutes of shear pain! After being blasted most of the year for being weak both mentally and physically, The Cowboys defense showed up big time today. Yes I understand it was not the greatest offense they were going up against, but they did more than anyone ever thought they could. In the end it was all for nothing, as Romo and the BIG “O” (the O stands for Oh my GOD!) did everything but sing happy birthday to the Steelers! I never thought I would ever say this but Wade Phillips should not only keep his job but should get an extension!

Wade Phillips has very little if anything to do with the offensive side of the football, and when everyone including myself called for his head when the defense was struggling, took control of the situation and made the necessary corrections to straighten the ship. Now is the time for the Red headed genius to do the same! Jason do you have any plays in your Princeton educated play book that do not entail all receivers to run thirty yards down field? Have you ever heard of a slant pattern? Can you get the play in to the QB with enough time on the play clock so they are not frantically trying to get the snap off in time? Can you get Roy Williams involved in the f**king game? How about teaching the quarterback the art of throwing the ball away when no one is open? It boggles my mind how with the height and strength of T.O. and Roy Williams we have yet to attack the intermediate middle of the field! Many times today I see Roy and T.O. both with 8 yard cushions being given to them and we do not take advantage of it. This just in, there are very few people that can cover Roy or T.O. for that matter on a slant! I blame this loss on you Jason Garrett! And you alone. Yes I know you did not play a single down today, but you failed to have this unit ready to play! And if we can blame Wade all year for his failures then you are not immune! You and your offense owe one to that defensive unit! And frankly you owe me one too! I have seen the same issues all year long and I for one am sick of it! Man up! Do your job! Stop trying to make everyone happy with the amount of balls they get thrown their way and do what is best for the TEAM!

This loss is going to sting for quite sometime; unfortunately time is something this team does not have a lot of. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for the flight home tonight! I have a feeling Romo and the gang will not be doing any singing tonight! I would like to apologize to you Wade for not believing in you. One last thing; ROMO YOU ARE F**ING KILLING ME SMALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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