Cowboys Defense Pounds Giants & Eli Manning

I would like to take some time this morning to formally introduce the 2008 Dallas Cowboy Defense. WOW! Elisha was running for his life all night and spent the majority of his time laying on his backside. The Dallas defensive front four dominated the “Best O-Line in football” last night sacking Elisha EIGHT times! Did the offensive cry babies anger this defense? Or are they tired of hearing that they were underachieving? Follow me after the break and we will look into the answers to these questions, and enjoy a HUGE win by our Cowboys last night.

I don’t know about you but it appeared to me as if the defense of the Dallas Cowboys had enough of all the bickering, and complaining being done by the stars of the offense! This group came out and set the tone for the night on the first play of the game, when DeMarcus Ware blew past Kareem McKenzie to sack Eli Manning and force him to fumble. The rest of the night would get no better for Elisha and the Giants. Elisha would be sacked eight times and forced into throwing two interceptions (both by Terence Newman). This defense seems to have figured out what to do when they smell blood in the water, Go for the kill! The Cowboys offense was well, what it has been all year stagnant and stale! This defense is now becoming what we all thought it would be when the year started, just took them awhile to get there!

The offense last night struggled most of the night, unable to get any kind of flow going. I have been pretty hard on Tony Romo the last week, and so I must praise him when he does well. Now it does not compare statistically to some of Romo’s greatest games, but he showed me something last night. He gave the gutsiest performance of his career! Tony Romo was hit almost as much as Manning, was kicked in the back causing a contusion. Tony in obvious pain toughed it out! He also seemed to try and not force things, he simply took what the Giants would give him. Great game Tony! The thing I am most concerned with now is our O-Line! They were awful last night, primarily Cory Proctor! This guy is no good, the Giants just ran right by him on several consecutive plays. Montrae Holland we need you back big fella! I would also like to give some love to Mr. Tashard Choice, with “The Barbarian” obviously still struggling with the toe dislocation, Tashard stepped right in and promptly had 91 yards rushing and 52 yards receiving. I was once concerned about having to rely on a fourth round rookie draft choice to carry the load but no more! Great job Tashard!

What was a turmoil filled week in Dallas turned into a beautiful Monday in Cowboy Nation. If you get a chance make sure to stop by Big Blue View and Big Blue 101 and find out how the LOSER’S feel!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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