Cowboys Draft: Defensive Big Board, Pre Combine

Over the past few weeks I have written articles about various strategies and players the Cowboys can look at in the offseason. Since I am now finished with all of the defensive positions, I thought I would post my pre-combine ranking of the top 75 defensive players. I hope you enjoy.

The list is still being updated as I get more information. For example, the combine results will change it some, but it should at least give you an idea of where I rate the top defensive prospects based on their tape.

So take a look and give me your opinion on which player I have too high or too low. Look forward to hearing from you.

And yes, I may have missed someone, so if I did let me know about them and why you think they are in the top 75 defenders (use the comments below the article).

[table id=34 /]

I do have a few players much higher than many pundits (see Georgia LB/DE Jenkins) and I have a few players much further down than most (See Karl Joseph, safety West Virginia, just do not think he is worth anywhere near a second round grade).

What do you think?

Tommy Simon

Written by Tommy Simon

Tommy Simon is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and sports enthusiast. He is currently CEO of TechBAA, an investor and board member of TPC Technical and CommunitesFIrst, and acting CFO for ALS Communities. In addition to investing and advising companies, Tommy is also a Sales Management coach and is working with companies as a Fractional CMO/CSO.

Tommy is a life long football player, coach and Cowboy fan. He currently coaches and sponsors several 7 on 7 teams. He manages/coaches an adult flag football team that is the top team in Florida one of the highest ranked teams in the country.

Tommy's hobbies include international travel, fantasy football, reading, and engaging in intelligent political discourse. He is married to a wonderful women for 18 years; which is the best thing he has ever accomplished. He has a dog that is the best dog ever. He also has 9 siblings and roughly 30 nieces and nephews.

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