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Cowboys Draft: Getting to Know Jared Goff



Draft Blog - Getting to Know Jared Goff

One of the more popular names that you will be hearing about in the coming months is Jared Goff, the quarterback for the University of California, Berkeley.

The 6'4 junior made waves this year at Cal throwing for 43 touchdowns with 13 interceptions. Goff has the traits needed to justify using a top-10 pick on, but I feel even better than that about him.

Obviously, quarterback evaluation is far from a science. Every team needs a quarterback and we often see many of these guys taken early and being complete busts.

With that being said, when I look at quarterback tape I like to keep it simple. Instead of looking at the technical aspect, I want you to catch my eye. I want you to do things that wow me. Let your game speak for you.

Jared Goff just has that special something. Right off the bat you will enjoy what you see, but then when you take that to the next level and figure out what you are liking...that is when you should really like it.

The most special aspect of Goff's game is how natural the game comes to him. His awareness in the pocket is uncanny. You will often see him position himself in the pocket perfectly to avoid pressure. I've seen him sidestep players without even looking at them. When the play does break down, which it often does due to the poor play by his offensive line, that is when Goff makes some big plays.

Does that remind you of someone? Hmm, is there a player on the Cowboys that excels at avoiding pressure and hitting big plays? Yes, you guessed it...he reminds me of a young Tony Romo.

The way Romo works under pressure and his awareness to avoid pressure and then make you pay is something that Goff also brings to the table. Goff rarely drops his eyes. Even when he is pressured, his eyes stay downfield. This is something that can't be taught.

While Goff doesn't have a big or powerful arm, he makes up for that with his accuracy and touch. I have zero concerns about his ability to throw the deep ball. His touch and accuracy allow him to lead receivers and place the ball into tight windows.

Unlike Paxton Lynch or Carson Wentz, you don't really NEED to sit him right away. However, I am a huge proponent for sitting young QBs and letting them learn. If Goff is afforded the luxury of sitting for a year and learning from Tony Romo, we may see a really special quarterback once Romo moves on.

With Goff and Romo sharing so many similarities it can be huge for Goff's development.

Something Tony Romo dealt with early in his career was learning when and where to take risks. When you are avoiding pressure like Romo does, you have to react quickly when throwing the ball. This often got Romo into trouble as he wouldn't notice a defender and put the ball in harms way.

As Romo matured, he learned to not only dissect defenses better, knowing where defenders would be pre-snap, but he learned where to place the ball to give receivers a chance but also keep the ball away from defenders. Sometimes we will see Romo fire one low, or too far right or left, but what he is doing is getting rid of the ball while giving his receiver a chance to make a play.

This is something that Jared Goff can learn. Goff has the gunslinger mentality and trusts his accuracy a little too much. He will try to fit balls between two defenders or into traffic thinking he can make it work, but making mistakes.

In the following clip you will see two interceptions. On the first one, Goff tries to make a big play with a fairly clean pocket. The throw is risky as the DB undercuts the WR's route and gets the easy interception. On the second interception, Goff gets heavy pressure and fires the screen into a ton of traffic anyway, something we've seen Romo do.

When you are picking fourth in an NFL draft, you should always prioritize a quarterback, especially when you actually need one. Quarterback is the prime position in the NFL. No team ever has enough talent at quarterback and it cannot hurt to add more there. The hope is to never be picking that high again for a long time, so you want to strike now for your quarterback of the future.

However, best player available always comes into play. Do you want to miss out on a Tyron Smith or JJ Watt by taking a Jake Locker or Blaine Gabbert?

Jared Goff is worthy of the fourth overall pick. He may not get there, but if he is available I would absolutely pull the trigger. This is a player with everything you can ask for out of a quarterback. There are few, if any, red flags. The Dallas Cowboys organization would be a great landing spot for Goff and I think the marriage between the two would be mutually beneficial.

I've been blogging about sports and music for almost eight years now. I also work in media relations for a New York sports team, so I understand the bridge between the outlets writing about a team and the team monitoring content. I hope to bring something new to Inside The Star, getting deep into draft work, breakdowns and I always come with a strong and passionate opinion. I'm very active on Twitter, so ask questions, comment on stuff, etc. and I will almost definitely respond to you in some sort of debate!

  • Robert

    Nick your assessment of Goff, was great, now all we need is the Cowboys organization to able to make this happen. The future looks bright for the Cowboys, if the Cowboys brings Goff into the Cowboys organization.

  • Rick

    He's a good QB but he absolutely is not worthy of the 4th pick. In any other draft he would be a late 1st rounder at best. Don't let this year's weak QB class fluff his draft grade. A top 5 pick needs to be a start now special player. He needs to be damn near an instant impact player. Goff is not that.

  • Brian

    Goff won't be the Cowboys' next QB for the simple fact that Jerry hates drafting QB's in the first round due to their high bust rate (as shown by his track record), and also because Jerry is going all in to win a Super Bowl with Tony in the next 2 years and he wants impact players who can contribute right away on this team, not stand on the sidelines with a clipboard for 2-3 years. On top of all that, if Manziel becomes available via being cut or a trade for a mid-to-late draft pick, I guarantee you Jerry Jones will be all over that faster than you can say "Johnny Football." He truly believes in his mind that Manziel is the perfect franchise QB to take over for Romo, and if he can acquire him for cheap, he will absolutely do so, whether we like it or not. This is why neither Goff, Lynch, nor Wentz or any other QB will be selected in the first round of this year's draft by the Dallas Cowboys. Expect either a D-Lineman or Defensive Back at pick #4, or a trade down with another team to accumulate picks and further help try and build a Super Bowl contending team.

  • Robert

    It appears that neither of you have read the article on Troy Aikman assessment of the Cowboys quarterback situation. Then you will understand why I think the Cowboys will draft Romo's heir apparent, instead April. Troy played the position and knows something about what it takes to maintain a high quality level at the quarterback position, and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. If Troy assessment is true, and there is a quarterback on the Cowboys board rated high at the time they select at #4, the Cowboys would be foolish not to address the most prominent position in football. Neglect will take the Cowboys organization back to the post Aikman era, plus there is no guarantee that the Cowboys will be in this position to have this luxury of selecting a quarterback, instead of forcing the situation. The Cowboys will draft for quality depth with the other draft picks, who will make an immediate impact for the Cowboys. With Romo's heir apparent grooming behind Romo for 2 years, the Cowboys will come out of this smelling like a rose.

NFL Draft

Cowboys Draft: 3 LBs To Pay Attention To

Kevin Brady



Cowboys Draft: 3 LBs To Pay Attention To

The Dallas Cowboys enter the 2018 NFL offseason with clear needs to fill at linebacker. Starting MIKE backer Anthony Hitchens will enter free agency, starting WILL Sean Lee has been riddled with injuries, and the now third-year Jaylon Smith is still somewhat of a question mark.

Considering all of the doubts surrounding the Cowboys linebackers, it would be wise to target one during the 2018 NFL Draft. Of course, Roquan Smith and Tremaine Edmunds have become fan favorites over the last few months.

Both of these guys are clearly first round players, however, and may both be gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock. Dallas will probably need to find their linebacker starting on day two, so I have compiled a short list of some potential targets.

Josey Jewell, Iowa

2018 NFL Draft: Scouting Iowa LB Josey Jewell - Slant Sports

With each NFL Draft cycle, scouts everywhere can typically feel good about their evaluations of Iowa Hawkeyes players. The BIG 10 school is known for producing solid, pro-ready talent that NFL teams absolutely need to fill out a roster. Enter Iowa Linebacker Josey Jewell, a three-year starter and captain on this Hawkeyes defense.

Iowa Hawkeye's linebacker Josey Jewell has been gaining traction within the draft community as of late. The three-year starter and collegiate captain has been discussed as one of the more pro-ready and consistent linebackers in this draft class.

Jewell earned a third round grade on my draft board, and fellow Inside The Star writer Sean Martin saw him in a similar light. Jewell possesses impressive instincts, plays with textbook technique, and is a solid run defender/tackler in the box.

His main weakness, however, is his athletic ability. He doesn't move laterally as well as someone like current Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith did in college. Jewell is a player with a solid floor, but not a very high ceiling. Drafting him would give the Cowboys another good piece on their defense, and a starting SAM backer.

Sean Martin believes he can play at either WILL or MIKE, and we both view him as a potential target for the Cowboys 81st overall.

Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State

Jonah Tuls on Twitter

Vander Esch reads it and attacks at 100 mph. Put this guy on my football team.

Boise State's Vander Esch is a linebacker garnering a lot of hype throughout Draft Twitter. At 6'4" and 240 pounds, Vander Esch certainly looks the part of an NFL linebacker. His athleticism and ability to move laterally leaves much to be desired, however.

Vander Esch totaled 141 tackles and 3 interceptions during the 2017 season, breaking onto the scene as a Junior. Vander Esch is a three down linebacker who has been labeled a leader and hard worker by his Boise State teammates and coaches, making him an excellent "RKG" candidate for Jason Garrett. He is an instinctual player who reads, reacts, and attacks on a routine basis against the run. He is also consistently impressive in coverage, something the Cowboys could use from their linebackers.

Despite his positives, which there are many, I just can't convince myself to draft Vander Esch as early as he's being talked about. I believe he can be a solid professional linebacker, and fit in as an off ball WILL, but if I were running the Cowboys I wouldn't make that pick until the third round.

And the way things look, Vander Esch will be long gone by the 81st overall pick. Maybe Dallas will see things differently, and make the move in round two.

Rashaan Evans, Alabama

nfldraft2018 rashaan evans - Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

My favorite of these three linebackers, Alabama's Rashaan Evans is an off ball/edge hybrid who was all over the field for Alabama.

At 'Bama, Evans had six sacks and 10 quarterback hits, ranking 16th in pass rushing productivity (Pro Football Focus) among all qualifying draft-eligible inside linebackers. Still, I believe his best plays came from when lined up as a traditional off ball linebacker.

In Dallas, Evans could be used as a WILL backer who also rushes as a defensive end in passing situations. The 6'3" 234 pound linebacker is exactly the type of player that NFL defenses are moving towards, and he would be a welcomed addition to this young Cowboys defense.

I believe Rashaan Evans is a top-30 type of player, making it tough to envision being able to draft him 50th overall. If completely wiped out, Evans could be a candidate at 19, though I wouldn't hold my breath. Evans is ILB3 on my draft board, and earned the highest grade of these three linebackers.

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Could This Draft Sleeper be Dez Bryant’s Successor?

Brian Martin



Could This Draft Sleeper be Cowboys Next WR1?
Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite parts of the NFL offseason is jumping into the draft process and studying the next group of incoming rookies. I don't pretend to be a professional scout, but I do trust my own analysis for the most part. I find myself right about these prospects more times than not, but no one is perfect.

When scouting these prospects, I am particularly looking at players that fit in with what the Dallas Cowboys like whether it is based on scheme or preference. I try not to waste my time with the ones who I don't believe fit into those categories.

Today, I want to share with you a wide receiver I happened to stumble upon who isn't getting talked about enough, but probably should. He is still flying under the radar, but I think that could change here in a few weeks when the NFL Combine gets underway.

We all know the Dallas Cowboys would probably like to add another receiver at some point in the draft, but when and where is debatable. I think it's unlikely they take one on Day 1, and possibly not even Day 2. It will likely depend on how things fall, but Day 3 could still have quite a few good options available.

I've started to study these Day 3 prospects, and I think I've found a diamond in the rough. I'm actually surprised he hasn't been talked about, but that could be good news for the Cowboys.

Let me be the first to introduce you to former Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle, Korey Robertson.

WR Korey Robertson, Southern Miss

Korey Robertson

Southern Miss WR Korey Robertson

I don't know about you, but I don't think of ever watched Southern Mississippi play a single collegiate game. They're not a big powerhouse school and don't produce a lot of high-end draft picks, but we've seen small school players make a name for themselves in the NFL before.

As you can imagine, I wasn't expecting much when I started to watch Korey Robertson's game film, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think he has the potential to be a WR1 in the NFL and he reminds me a lot of the Dallas Cowboys own, Dez Bryant.

Robertson was a surprise early entry into the 2018 NFL draft class. He had remaining eligibility left and could have possibly improved his draft stock by returning to Southern Miss, but that's neither here nor there now.

Robertson certainly looks the part of a WR1 in the NFL. He is 6'2", 210 pounds and plays with amazing physicality. I think he could be the best WR in this draft class at attacking the ball in the air and winning those 50/50 jump balls. This is where he reminds me of Dez Bryant the most.

But don't take my word for it, take a look at his highlights and judge for yourself.

Korey Robertson || "NFL Draft Sleeper" ᴴᴰ || Official Southern Miss Highlights

Welcome to Harris Highlights! The #1 Highlight Channel on YouTube (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Snapchat: @BlakeHHarris Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: More Highlights: Videos of me talking football: Games to Remember: Check out my Podcast: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to Harris Highlights, the #1 subscribed and most viewed College Football highlight channel on YouTube!

I really like what I seen of Korey Robertson. I think he really makes an intriguing wide receiver prospect for the Dallas Cowboys. I personally think he has WR1 potential.

He registered 76 catches for 1,106 yards and 12 touchdowns this last season, so the production is there, but he's far from a finished prospect.

Robinson still needs to fine-tune his route running, but it's not terrible. He shows good speed on film and is expected to run in the 4.4 range at the combine. That would definitely boost his draft stock.

I think he checks just about all of the boxes. He has the size, speed, catches the ball easily (with his hands), and plays with the physicality that will immediately make him a fan favorite.

I currently have a third-round grade on him, but I'm probably higher on him with others. I think he will be a Day 3 draft pick, which means the Dallas Cowboys could use one of their compensatory picks to select this talented wide receiver.

What do you think of Korey Robertson as a potential Cowboys WR?

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Sean’s Scout: Florida DT Taven Bryan A Disruptive Target for Cowboys

Sean Martin



Sean's Scout: Florida DT Taven Bryan A Disruptive Target for Cowboys

By now you know that the Dallas Cowboys have not prioritized the defensive tackle position at the Draft in some time, a point made prominent with the amount of talent available at DT in this 2018 class.

Despite not being as high on him as most, Florida's Taven Bryan would fit what the Cowboys are doing defensively under Rod Marinelli very well. Bryan is a disruptive player at the 3T position, where the Cowboys currently have a decision to make on RFA David Irving.

Even if Irving and Maliek Collins are back in the fold for 2018, Taven Bryan would be a great addition to this front seven - thanks to his raw athleticism and motor.

Let's take a closer look at how Bryan fits the Cowboys' defense.

Bryan2 - Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

"Bryan excels at not giving his man much of a blocking surface area – playing with good pad level and impressive bend for a DT."

This film clip and quote comes from my full scouting report on Florida's Taven Bryan at Slant Sports. Far from a finished product, Bryan shoots gaps and beats guards off of the line with ease. This is a player with rare traits at the 3T position, bending well while playing with enough strength throughout his entire frame.

"Using a smooth upper body paired with quick footwork and burst, Bryan is frequently shooting gaps to finish in the backfield."

When I watched Taven Bryan, I was reminded of current Cowboys DT Maliek Collins in 2016. As a rookie, Collins played the penetrating 3T spot with similar burst and power.

With the Cowboys now preferring Collins at the 1T position, Bryan could fill in on day one as an interior force with the upside to become one of the league's best match up weapons up front.

Bryan1 - Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

Unless a blocker across from Bryan works quickly into his frame, this is a player that is going to generate push and flow to the football with elite speed and balance.

"Taven Bryan allows his frame to be controlled too often, effectively getting washed out of any play where his blocker can squat against the speed rush and shoot their hands inside on Bryan."

Cowboys Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence proved that he is the "alpha" of this defensive line in 2017. Building this unit around Lawrence will yield positive results for the Cowboys, especially if they can find a long-term 3T to play alongside him.

One with as high of a ceiling as Taven Bryan becomes an intriguing option, especially considering the Cowboys' ability to play him in a rotation early in his career.

"Unleashing Taven Bryan as a gap-shooting 3T DT is the best way to see this prospect reach his ceiling..."

The Cowboys' 19th overall pick may be a bit rich for Taven Bryan, but this is a prospect to look for in the second round, where Dallas holds the 50th overall pick. A second round DT on my 2018 NFL Draft Board, Bryan should outplay his draft status regardless of the pick if put in the right situation to use traits that would greatly help the Dallas Cowboys.

Tell us what you think about "Sean’s Scout: Florida DT Taven Bryan A Disruptive Target for Cowboys" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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