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Cowboys Draft Prospects

Seeing as how were not intensely dialed in to the playoff scene here at Cowboy Nation I thought it would be good to start talking about the Draft. I know it might be early but I just have to start thinking about next season, and put the laughable 2008 season behind me!

First lets start by talking about the needs of this team. As you all know there are a lot!

In my opinion the biggest need for this dis-arrayed team is a toss up. You could say that it is in the defensive secondary, or the Linebacking corps, or even the back-up QB position.

We will start with the Backup QB. We all saw how big of a blow it was for Romo to go down and Captain Ass Bag (Brad Johnson) to be pulling the trigger for this team. When Johnson was in this offense was, well, stagnant! If you look at other teams that had to rely on the Ol’ second string gunslinger at some point during the season, they don’t even come close to being as horrendous as the Cowboys were with their fossil of a backup. This is an extremely important position in the NFL, perfection is expected in every aspect of the game and throwing a washed up QB in to the mix is not a good combination. I honestly don’t know who will be available when the Cowboys finally get to pick but I honestly doubt Old Jerry goes for a QB.

The position I see the Cowboys going after in their first choice is most likely the defensive secondary, more elaborately a Safety. A player I like is the Safety from USC, Taylor Mays. He is a big guy (6,3 230) and bring a lot of intensity as an open field tackler and pass defender. I seriously doubt that he will still be available when the Cowboys finally get to pick but a player like this could  be an immediate help to the Secondary. Another Safety that would look good with the Star on his helmet is Rashad Johnson from Alabama. Though he is a completely different player than Mays he has some very good attributes to add to this team. He is a 4.4 guy that can cover extremely well and has very good feet, he came to Alabama as a Running Back and then made the change over to the defensive side of the ball. Some people even consider him the leader of the Alabama defense which in my opinion you can never have too many leaders on the field.

Another area in need for the Cowboys is the Middle Linebacker position. Zach Thomas is old, plain and simple. I love the guy (since he went to Texas Tech), and he has had a great NFL career but he didn’t prove to be a key asset to this team. His backup and most likely his successor is Bobby Carpenter. Who by all definitions is absolutely horrible, he is a mediocre HORRIFIC tackler who needs to take his Golden locks of hair to professional Wrestling. I still do not understand drafting him and never will. A good fit for this position would be Brandon Spikes from Florida. He is a good sized LB at 6,3 245 and could be a big help in stopping the opposing run game. Again, I am not sure how soon this guy will be taken off the board.

Some other needs for the Cowboys are Nose Tackle, and Offensive Line. With the possibility of losing Tank to Free Agency and the never ending injuries to the offensive line, these two positions will probably see some new additions in the off season.

Let me know what areas you think the Cowboys need to address in the Draft and who you think would fit in that position.

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  • Mike D

    Draft needs
    1)a QB that doesnt choke and become turnover machine in every big game
    2) WR that doesnt cry at podium after big losses,lead the league in drops, or repeatidly throw teamates under the bus
    3) Can you draft a head Coach? Maybe trade some picks to a team to get a Coach that Actually knows how to win a playoff game? Or one that doesnt take the most talented Team in the nfl to an Embarassing 9-7 record? Just asking….
    4)A CB that doesnt “Make it rain” or hire people to shoot people that piss him off, or spend more time in “Da Scrip Clubs” than the playing field/
    Do you guys have enough picks left to accomplish all this after that “Brilliant” Trade for Roy E Williams?
    Good Luck Cowgirls…

  • bags030404

    sounds like the Giants and Cowboys needs are the same! Nothing wrong with making it rain in da scrip club! I am sure you have been to Scores before! I will never crack on a guy for going to look at boobs!

  • bags030404

    ever heard of anger management? You might want to check into that!

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