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Cowboys DT Tyrone Crawford Kicked Off Thursday Flight

On Thursday, Cowboys defensive was removed from an American Airlines flight after an altercation with a flight attendant. He was headed home to Windsor, Canada to spend time with family.

Tyrone Crawford
Michael Ainsworth/The

According to Tyrone Crawford's own account of the incident, shared on the Ben and Skin Show from 105.3 The Fan, he was told by the flight attendant that he would have to check a carry-on bag for being too big. Crawford did not want to check the expensive bag and asked to speak to a manager.

When the manager did not come promptly, Crawford conceded and agreed to have the bag checked to avoid delaying the flight. However, Tyrone says he called the flight attendant “a bum” in the process and then had another disagreement when he was asked to move out of the attendant's way.

The end result was Crawford being asked to leave the flight. According to Tyrone, the other passengers booed the flight attendant and airline staff for their handling of the incident.

American Airlines, which is based in the Dallas area, reached out to Tyrone Crawford via their Twitter account. They had the following public exchange:


Never seen as anything but a smiling, pleasant guy, I'm sure many of us would give Tyrone Crawford the benefit of the doubt here. Thankfully, the Canadian native found another way home and hopefully had a lovely weekend.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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