Defending The Run

The Eagles were able to obtain seven net yards on the ground.

Every detractor should take a look at the game, having an unselfish player at the 1 Technique is huge for this . It was almost as if and were rarely touched on running plays. It did not matter where the runs were going, the Defensive Linemen were moving the line of scrimmage backward, allowing the linebackers a free run at the ballcarrier.

The way they defended the run gives the team hope going forward.

As I mentioned in my Smooth View Pregame Report, the Eagles Guards were weaknesses and they proved just how much so on Sunday. Even their Tight Ends missed several key blocks that allowed plays to get blown up in the backfield. was extremely active this game.

Defending The Pass

Sam Bradford is not a good Quarterback once he is under pressure. The Cowboys were able to get that pressure and cause Bradford to hurry through his mechanics and miss throws even when there wasn't any pressure. They were definitely inside his head and kept him off his rhythm.

While there were times Receivers came open, the held its own and were able to match up extremely well against the Eagles.

When the game was in question the Cowboys were able to completely shut down the passing attack. Sean Lee's endzone Interception was a representation of how this defense was able put a stop to the Eagles anytime they were in danger of capitalizing on a key situation.

Special Teams

's blocked Punt was a huge play! was able to return it for a touchdown after receiving a bone shattering block from .

What should not be ignored is the effectiveness of . His directional Punting was able to limit to a total nonfactor.

However, I do believe it is time for to begin returning Punts and possibly Kickoffs as well. He is a nonfactor on the , but he has an explosive factor that could result in big plays, and that is the best way to get use out of his roster spot.

Stay tuned as tomorrow as I will publish another #SmoothView looking deeper into the game.